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Naledi Modupi’s Creativity Compels Us to Reimagine Visual Art

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Visual artistry is a dynamic duo of art and storytelling, and one artist that embodies this so elegantly is Naledi Modupi.

Hailing from East Johannesburg, South Africa, Naledi’s artistic journey is an exploration of culture, identity, and the strength of black women who have profoundly influenced her life.

Naledi Modupi


Naledi’s artistic prowess spans both traditional and digital art forms, showcasing her versatility as a creator. Her work is a testament to the deeply ingrained inspiration she draws from her South African culture and the remarkable black women who raised her. Here are some of her works we are absolutely crazy about.

Cozy – Comfortable in My Own Skin

A heartfelt tribute to the inspiring stories of women, particularly black women. Each piece in this collection tells a personal tale of love’s transformative power, leading to self-confidence and a strong sense of self-worth. Despite the trials and tribulations, these women discover their inner strength and embrace their unique beauty. It’s a celebration of resilience, courage, and self-love.

The Umguni Cow

A remarkable shift in Naledi’s artistic journey, marked by a live painting event in front of a distinguished audience. It’s an artistic milestone that saw her stepping out of her comfort zone, transforming from the solace of private creation to the thrill of a live audience. The unguni cow, inspired by an image from John Baloyi, is a testament to her evolution as an artist. It embodies her unwavering passion for colors, lines, women as subjects, and, of course, the fascinating world of hair.


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A Glimpse into the Past

Naledi’s creative process takes a nostalgic turn as she revisits her old artworks. In particular, she reflects on a digital creation referencing John Baloyi’s image, crafted on her trusty old iPhone 7+. This artwork symbolizes her artistic evolution, showcasing how far she’s come as an artist. While her style has evolved, her love for colors, lines, and women as subjects, not to forget the captivating world of hair, has remained a constant driving force.

Naledi’s work is more than just art; it’s a journey, an exploration, and a celebration. Her art invites us to explore the rich narratives of culture and identity, and it echoes the stories of the remarkable black women who’ve shaped her life and history. With colors, lines, and a profound love for her subjects, Naledi Modupi’s creations are a testimony to the strength and resilience of women, past and present and the richness of black culture.

Through her art, Naledi honors the past, embraces the present, and inspires the future, ensuring that the voices and stories of South African women and women in general continue to be heard and celebrated on a global stage.

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