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On Isolation Season | Martina Bassey

Photograph by: Romeo Shagba

I’m stuck reminiscing of a different time I had given my self a chance and gone out to do something I necessarily wouldn’t do, I grew up long-limbed and black boned, I never want on to be in vogue, not yet anyways but I’m still very appreciative for all the opportunities the world has given me. Having to model and pose in front of a camera and take up the position of an unaware breathing work of art was everything. So here it is, one of the things I’m most proud of, pictures of seasons past and the words of my present sharing and coexisting like they were borne in the same time.
On the Creative Process
I just try to own my narrative as best as I can by writing about things that seem very ordinary but are very important parts of not just my existence but someone else’s. Memory in mind, linked to today’s reality equals pen and paper or better still my ever-reliable Microsoft Word application on my Nokia 4.2.
Picture meets words

Martina Bassey is a Nigerian writer based in the Federal Capital Terrritory(FCT), Abuja. She is passionate about slums and public schools reform. She loves reflecting on all things feminine.






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