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Meet The PAF Dolls: Handmade Dolls Created By Passant Saied

Passant Saied, was born and raised in Cairo, Egypt of Egyptian descendants. She received her MBA from Edinburgh Business School, HWU in 2012 and received her undergrad degree in Political Science from The American University in Cairo in 2005.
She is currently a Business Support Manager, managing Entrepreneurship programs supporting young professionals in their start-ups. Passant Saied

Her passion for art, especially dolls, started since a young age and drove her in 2015 to launch her own line of handmade PAF Dolls. Each Doll is proficiently sewed in highest quality and has its personal spirit, theme & attraction.
Their cute features and unique charisma with their interesting hair make them tender to cuddle and appeal to all ages. They are made with passion to spread love in all its forms.

Paf Dolls -tilia-the-bedouin-red

Paf Dolls - tilia-the-chubby-ramadan-collection
In an interview with We Rule, Passant Saied describes how her biggest accomplishment is creating these dolls and building a business – “My proudest accomplishment so far is that I finally came up with the final dolls look that I love and which are named “PAF Dolls” stands for “Passant Art Factory” Dolls. Also, I started to reach out to customers and sell my dolls with only organic reach. I am seeking now to expand my market by having digital marketing campaign


Paf doll-tilia-the-bedouin-orange-


To get the PAF Dolls, shop here. Follow the PAF Dolls on Instagram and Facebook.

All images of the PAF Dolls via PAF Dolls website.
Featured Image of Passant Saied via MAD Gallery.

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