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Photography As Canvas: Iju Asonibe’s Fresh Visual Concepts

Iju Asonibe’s photography is the definition of Fresh. Her work is canvas receiving new inspiration! Seeing her photography triggers the emotion in your mind that makes you feel ‘green’, soothed and totally at peace with yourself and the world.
We love her tone, edges and calm joy!Iju Asonibe photography
Iju Asonibe is the CEO & Creative Director of NJC. She is a photographer, writer, lover of art and fashion, explorer, lover of all things beautiful, and spoken word artist. NJC stands for New Jerusalem Creation. NJC is a photography based brand that creates beautiful visual concepts and out of this world images. The brand focuses a lot on fashion photography and photojournalism but does other aspects of photography too.
Iju Asonibe considers herself a creator of beautiful visual concepts.
Behold her work below.

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