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5 Remote Working Tips for Creatives

Are you a remote worker who is constantly on the lookout for tips, tricks, and tools that will help you to be your most productive and creative self? While there are plenty of benefits in working remotely, sometimes that lack of human interaction and not having endless supplies and tools at your fingertips can really hinder your workflow. But that doesn’t have to be the case, instead, it’s about thinking outside the box, finding inspiration and great ideas, and learning how to make use of the tips out there.

To help you on your path to creative productivity, here are five essential remote working tips.

Remote Working Doesn’t Just Mean in Your Home

When you think of remote working, typically you think of working from your own home office. While that is basically the concept, don’t forget it can be good to leave your house and work somewhere else, even once a week. A change in scenery can really boost your creativity levels and even your productivity. It gives you that fresh surge of energy. 

Stay in Communication with Your Team

Working from home offers a high degree of freedom and the ability to create your own schedule, but that shouldn’t deter you from staying in contact with your team. Not only will communication ensure everyone is on the same page, but again it can spark that creative thought or idea that you may not have come up with on your own. It also gives you a chance to be social with co-workers, which is also an important part of your work life. Remote Working Tips for Creatives

Put Effort into Your Home Office Setup 

Did you know the desk you set up for yourself will also play into how creative and productive you are? Things such as privacy, no distractions, an ergonomic chair and desk, and proper storage will all help you to be as creative as possible.

Take Breaks as You Would in the Office

It can be easy to just eat lunch or snacks at your desk when working from home, but here’s the thing – breaks away from the computer are important. They help you to stay sharp, focused, and on-task, so step away and take those small breaks, just as you would in the office.

Make Sure All Apps and Programs are Compatible

The final tip has more to do with efficiency and productivity than anything else. You want to be sure that all those tools you are using – meaning the software and apps – are compatible with each other. This allows for the most seamless work environment possible, which will then give you the freedom to be creative.

Let’s say, for example, you need to be able to sync iCloud and Mailchimp in a two-way system. PieSync makes it possible to use iCloud and Mailchimp together in just such a way, which then allows for that seamless integration remote workers need. PieSync is designed to make various cloud apps work together and currently supports 226 apps. Each week a new app is added to the list that is supported, so it’s a service that continues to grow.

Your Most Creative Self

Each of these tips works together to ensure you’re the most creative worker possible. 

You can follow up with this Playbook on Remote Work from Toptal.


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