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Stay Healthy While Working — How to Balance Your Life | Stella Van Lane

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Today’s world is quickly getting highly competitive, busy and demanding, so if you want to stay on top and keep your career alive, you must put in a lot of work hours. As a matter of fact, many working people report feeling burnt out and overworked in an effort to have it all—both in their private and professional life. But, there must be a better way! Here’s a little guide that will help you stay healthy and sane while working on your career.

Unplug from time to time
One of the best and easiest ways to stay healthy is to ditch technology every once in a while! This is a habit that you really need to cultivate since it affects both your physical and mental health. People who found the perfect balance between work and life know how to unplug and focus on activities they enjoy besides social media and emails. Imagine just how much time you’ll free up to spend with your family, friends, and pets! Or, you can dedicate it to your hobbies, passions, meditation or sports!

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Hit the gym
Sure, you must know that exercise is good for you, but you might not know just how much. Actually, working out is amazing for your physical, emotional and mental health, plus it encourages socializing and releases happy hormones! Also, exercise relieves stress, which all of us need after a hard day at work! All in all, it’s key to having a healthy and full life. So, if you ever feel like you might go crazy from all the work, screens, coworkers and bosses, hit the gym, release some of that built-up steam and welcome balance back into your life! Stay Healthy While Working — Balance Your Life |Stella Van Lane

Eat better
If you’re constantly hitting long hours in the office, you’ll definitely neglect healthy eating and turn to snacks, fast food and cups, and cups of coffee. However, these empty calories will not give you enough energy to work and they’ll just make you feel sluggish and sleepy. Instead, if you want to have a balanced diet, opt for food high in protein and low in carbs. Sure, it’s often hard to find such meals at work, but if you try meal-prep, you’ll always have good food right when you need it!

Detox your work environment
Since you spend so much time at work, your office should be a healthy and pleasant environment. Overworking can take a serious toll on our health, especially the immune system, which makes us susceptible to flu, colds, and allergies. So, make sure to give your workspace a nice detox and provide it with plenty of fresh air. Get a few plants that will clean out your air, replenish it with oxygen and even give some color to your space. However, if you know you suffer from allergies and other respiratory issues, it’s better to opt for something stronger. Luckily, if you buy the best air purifier for allergies from Oransi, you can rid your office of dust, pollen, mold, dander, and even some bacteria and ensure you have a comfy and healthy space. No more itchy eyes, runny noses, and irritated lungs!

Make priorities
If you find yourself with a list of 50 to-dos, you must set some priorities straight! There’s no way every item on your list is equally important – so divide your list into high, medium and low urgency tasks. Also, don’t forget to account for some personal time into your list—workouts, meditations, and drinks with friends are just as important as answering emails! Stay Healthy While Working — Balance Your Life |Stella Van Lane

Take a break
Leading a healthy lifestyle while working is very important, but the best way to achieve the work-life balance is to take some time off. Believe it or not, your company will not go under without you, no matter how important you are to the whole operation! So, every time you feel overwhelmed, take a long weekend off or travel somewhere relaxing for a week. Even though your work will be waiting for you when you go back, it will certainly be much easier to handle.
Of course, it’s very nice that you have a career that means a lot to you, but don’t dedicate your entire life to it and miss what’s really important. Finding that balance between work and life is one of the best things you can do for your overall health and happiness. So, work smart, eat well and exercise your way to the top!

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