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Using Custom Badges to Benefit Your Creative Business

By October 23, 2019 No Comments

Have you ever thought of using custom badges to promote your business? Whether you are in the retail industry or service business, badges that are creatively designed and customized to suit the needs of your business have many benefits.

For them to yield the best results, you must know the best methods to take advantage of them. This is what we are going to discuss for now. If you follow these tips well, you are definitely going to like the results.

Giving Them Out at an Event

If your business is sponsoring an event, this is the best opportunity to give your badges out. The organizers will guide you on how to go about this. The badges are primarily given to the event attendees at the beginning so that they can wear them throughout the session. Corporate events will have badges that are different from those that are given out at sports and kids’ events.

Giving Them Out in Your Shop or Business

When customers come to your shop to buy products or visit your offices to seek services, make sure that they get a badge on their way out. For shops, it is easy because all you need to do is establish a stand near the exit. It is equally easy for service providers as they should give the badges to the clients on their way out after doing a consultation.

Selling your Badges

If you have a gift section in your outlet, selling badges with your logo design or slogan on them will work. There are many people who collect badges and other items as a hobby and they will not mind buying it. If you have attractive badges that are designed by the experts at the Rocket badge website, you can also sell them at events. Surprisingly, people who buy them will value them more.

Let Your Staff Wear Them

If you encourage your staff to wear company badges, they will promote the brand wherever they go. This includes train stations, parking lots, and even in shopping complexes that they pass by on their way home. You should be a good brand ambassador as the owner or manager and wear the custom badge any time you can.

Donate Them to Institutions

Schools and other institutions will appreciate having your custom badges as part of the donation that you make to them. As they get issued out, you now have a reason to smile knowing that they will help in promoting your business. One thing to ask before donating custom badges is whether they need their institution information added to the design. If so, then it should be agreed on how to incorporate your brand and their institution logo or name on the badge.


As you can see, custom badges are very effective at promoting the brand. But this is possible only when they are used in innovative ways like the ones that we have discussed above. You can also come up with more ways that will help in distributing the badges to the right audience as that is the primary goal. 


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