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Weekly Creative Pin board: 7 Amazing Ideas, Tips, Executions & Campaigns Seen This Week

By August 8, 2017 No Comments

This week birthed the execution of some otherworldly ideas and campaigns that blew my mind. These incredibly stunning ideas and executions made my week a very blessed one, filled with the joy of the brilliance of the human mind.

The soul-wrenching I am Not a Robot campaign which turned Captcha into a humanity acknowledging bot.

Netflix’ talks with Black Girl Nerd on “The first time I saw myself on television!” was such an important watch for me.

This Block Shop unveiling of a Collection of Architecturally inspired Woodblock prints.

The I am an Immigrant thread and hashtag on Twitter is also a beauty to behold.

Stumbled on this old TED Talk by Captcha Creator and Duo Lingo founder that will help you understand how ideas spiral from one point to the other.

Plus, if you are a developer you should read this Instagram Engineering’s analysis of a year of launching Instagram Stories.

This badass woman, Erica Joy made a Chrome Extension to calculate how much she had lost to Gender Pay Gap.

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