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Meet Kenyan Ceramics and Product Designer, Wavinya Maliti, Using Local Materials For Her Products

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Wavinya Maliti is the founding Designer of Wazadi Designs, her brain child, and Design platform. She is a graduate of the University of Nairobi, School of the Arts & Design with a First Class Honours Degree in a Bachelor of Arts in Design. Her major is in Product Design with a background in Graphic Design.

The creation of the name Wazadi is a play on the Kiswahili word ‘Zawadi’ which means gift. Wavinya believes her ideas and designs are a gift that should be shared and in so doing promote Kenyan creativity and culture.
Wazadi is the expression of culture and form in products that are made using locally available materials, some recycled others are reused and repurposed to create the different items. All of Wavinya Maliti’s patterns are originally created. Their inspirations coming from plant forms and geometric shapes manipulated to create unique, fresh and vibrant designs. Bright colors are also a key feature in these products, giving each piece its own unique identity.

Wavinya Maliti’s products are all hand-made giving them an authentic feel and finish.
She is currently located in Nairobi, Kenya.

Wavinya Maliti ceramics from pumpkin leaves

Pumpkin leaf design hand crafted ceramic platters


Wavinya Maliti table mat from tulip

Hand-crafted and painted table mats with African Tulip print.


Wavinya Maliti ceramics handmade vase 2

Two Tone Vase


Wavinya Maliti ceramics handmade vase

Hand moulded, fired and painted clay vase.

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