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WOC Designer Launches Inclusive Careers Platform & Community For UK Creatives.

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The Creative Occupation is, first and foremost, a platform that enables those working in the
creative industries to connect, and build community, so that they might fulfil their potential
and occupy more space in their chosen fields. It also advocates for a more diverse creative
industries, with increased representation of BAME creatives, as well as providing practical
tools to support them on their career journeys.

Lorelle Skelton, Founder

Launched in late July by Founder, Lorelle Skelton – a graphic designer, freelancer,
mama, woman of colour, and self-confessed introvert – The Creative Occupation has a
range of offerings to help every kind of creative to thrive. In particular, three mentoring
programmes. The TCO x Fuse Programme, created in collaboration with Fuse – a global
organisation for the empowerment of creatives of colour, is a peer partnership scheme
for underrepresented creatives. It exists to pair up black, brown and ethnically diverse
creatives so that they can; share strategies for success, hold one another accountable to
their goals, and act as cheerleaders for each other. Programme participants are matched
with other creatives who share their level, field of work etc., and supported with tools and
resources to help them grow their relationships. The partnership is an exciting opportunity
for creatives from marginalised backgrounds, at all levels, to learn from one another,
encourage each other, and progress in their careers, together.

Peer Patnership Program- The Creative Occupation x Fuse


Founding Members of The Creative Occupation

With 22 exciting founding members on board, including Artist & Jewellery Designer Aliyah
Hussain and Tihara Smith, founder of the fashion, accessories and lifestyle brand of the
same name, plus subscribers, and an engaged community on social media, The Creative
Occupation is now inviting creatives of all ages, backgrounds, personality types and
disciplines to join its growing network.

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