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Joke Neyrinck Turned Her Entire House Into Doodle Land

July 7, 2017 , In: Creative Women , With: 3 Comments

Joke Neyrinck, is a 35-year-old Belgian doodle artist & illustrator who transformed her house into a big canvas. She uses a self-invented technique of automatic drawing to delve into the subconscious. By quickly drawing, barring any conscious thought, she gives as much room as possible to her imagination and a new and totally unique world arises. Joke Neyrinck’s anthropomorphic and surreal scenes depict a plethora of creatures, spanning from cute and innocent-looking to downright bizarre and monster-like with Neo pop-surrealism, murals, digital limited art. She has her own gallery in Ostend.

#drawing in my own #bathroom Next week stopmotion movie

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