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You’ll Be Enamored By Manjit Thapp’s Pop Culture + Strong Female Character Illustrations

Manjit Thapp is an illustrator based in the UK, one look at her Instagram page and you’ll be swept into her artful arms. Taking inspiration from a variety of experiences in her normal life, and popular culture such as music and fashion, Manjit Thapp creates playful, bold images that translate well over into stickers, which she sells online.
Her work features really strong female characters. she knits a bold narrative element into work while leaving a lot of open symbolic interpretation. Manjit often weaves the digital form into her pencil, giving us a spiral of both worlds. She’s created a couple of magnificent interesting zines and books: Wes Anderson zine, sad, Silent comic, Gone Girl, Book of bronte, young witches’ spellbook and invisible cities. She’s done illustrations for Adobe*UN Women, Refinery 29, Elle UK, Women’s Day and other interesting publications.

Here’s a peep into her work and world, so you can go stalk her after now.

Etheline and Richie / The Royal Tenenbaums ☎️

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