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1 In 3 Girls Say They Are Afraid To Be Leaders! Read The Girls Index Report

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THE GIRLS’ INDEX is the first-ever, large-scale national survey designed to develop a deeper understanding of the thoughts, experiences, perceptions, beliefs, behaviors and attitudes of teen girls throughout the United States. While a plethora of research exists on the economic status, health trends, safety and crime victimization, drug use and risk-behavior of teens, there is little data that delves deeper into the lived experiences of girls and provides the opportunity for girls to share their thoughts and opinions related to a variety of relevant issues currently impacting their lives. Girls Index Report

ROX (short for Ruling Our Experiences) wanted to understand more about the connections to successful outcomes for girls and the perceptions that girls have of their opportunities for their futures. What are the things girls want us to know about what it is like being a girl today and what do they want and need from the adults in their lives? What challenges do girls face in school and in relationships and how can we more effectively support their dreams and aspirations?
So they created a study and 10,678 girls across the United States.
The report from this study is a comprehensive insight into the world of Girls navigating the issues of today. Download the Report here.

The world is complicated for girls. Fitting in, body image, pressure, academics, friendships, and relationships are all challenging to navigate. Add to this, the nuances of technology and social media and it is not surprising that girls are reporting high levels of pressure alongside declining levels of self-confidence.

ROX is committed to equipping all girls with the skills they need to navigate these challenges. That is why ROX trains and licenses school counselors, social workers and licensed educators to deliver evidence-based programs to girls in grades 5-12 in their schools and community organizations.

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