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5 Creative Ways to Dress Up Your Windows

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Windows often take up an entire wall, or at the very minimum, they dominate one wall of a room. Finding a good way to dress up your windows can help add an interesting feature to your room. From a bright set of blinds to an interesting curtain pole or fabric, you can add colour and vibrance to a room without the loss of privacy. 

In this piece, we will take a look at five different methods of breathing new life into your windows. 

1. New Blinds

Not everyone likes curtains and their various types and hanging options. If you prefer the window blind to just a curtain, then we have some great news for you! You can always install new window blinds that look fabulous while keeping your room private at the same time. While you do lose the transparent quality of the window, you do gain a feeling of privacy that can be quite nice. There are various types of blinds available for purchase at your local home improvement store. If you aren’t into spending that much on window coverings, then some cheaper options look pretty good!

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2. Add a Curtain Pole to your Windows

Curtain rods can be used with or without curtains. You can either buy one that is already made and add the curtains of your choosing, or you could use sheets, blankets, and other items to create a pretty interesting rod for yourself. The colour combinations are endless when it comes to this option. It also gives off a more relaxed and open vibe than blinds because curtain rods don’t cover up the entire window.

Get creative, use an old piece of piping or something unusual to get a unique finish. 

Creative Ways to Dress Up Your Windows

Photo by Nikola Johnny Mirkovic on Unsplash.

3. Make a Curtain out of Fabric

If you have some fabric laying around that you aren’t currently using, then you can make a great curtain using this material! One way to do this is by making a rod pocket, or if you have material that is already cut into the same dimensions as your window, then all you would need to do is use some string and stitch it together.

This way you can get a unique curtain that nobody else has made from vintage material or old fabric

4. Fairy lights 

Try fairy lights strung around your window. This is a pretty inexpensive option, but you do lose some privacy because the light will be visible outside of your room. However, it does make for quite an interesting look at night time! You can also buy a battery-operated version that will be a little more subtle. Just remember to look out for the cords when you try this one!

5. Take a Picture of Your Windows

Don’t forget, if you aren’t feeling any of these options and you’re not in love with your window’s appearance, then the easiest option is always to take a picture! You can print it out and use this as a reference to try out the other options. If you have a window that doesn’t exactly fit any of these options well, then keep your eyes open for inspiration and try them out on your picture. 

In conclusion, windows look best when they are dressed up. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your windows and come up with something that looks interesting and fits your style! 

Try just adding something new to your windows to add some new life to your room or home.

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