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2018: A Learning Experience For Me | Annette Kariuki

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Generally, you should ask yourself whether you achieved your goals this year 2018. It is one thing to set New Year resolutions and another to fulfill them. If you look back, this year has been filled with both good and bad moments. Personally, this year was one of reflection and a learning experience for me. I got to interact with new friends at the different events I attended. One particular event stood out among all others. This was a writer’s boot camp in which a particular speaker known as Eric Wamanji spoke to us.
He really gave a lot of insight about the Public Relations Industry. This writer’s boot camp opened me wholistically on how the Public Relations Industry operates. We also got to interact with him on a personal level during our lunch break and as we headed home. It turned out to be an amazing experience getting to learn more from him and his friend who accompanied him.

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Notably, there are two aspects I learned this year that I would love to share with my dear readers:
Be a people’s person. Learn to relate well with people and do not shut them out of your life. Remember that you will need them in every aspect of your life. They matter a lot.

Another aspect I learned is being both book-smart and street smart. Book smart is having knowledge towards the content you read be it hard or soft copy material. Street smart on the other hand is knowing how to face the reality of life in terms of both the positive and the negative aspects. Therefore, we have to learn both aspects of our lives. Being street smart especially is key. Life is not a smooth railing out there.

2018 - A Learning Experience For Me
As we enter the new year, let us purpose to fill our hearts with love, peace, and joy. Then aim to spread these fruits of the Holy Spirit unto both our loved ones and friends. Remember to stay safe and enjoy responsibly. Lastly, do not forget the street children, orphans, elderly etc who have nobody to share with. Purpose to visit them too and spread the new year cheer with them.

Happy new year!!!

Annette KariukiAnnette Wangechi Kariuki is a student and online writer, studying Mass Communication at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.







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