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My “Get Shit Done” List for 2018 | Ifedayo Ward

By January 5, 2018 No Comments

Somehow, I don’t have new year resolutions. I hate the idea of waiting for a particular date to start working towards goals and aspirations. New year resolutions or not, I have 10 things to ace this year.
1. Family & Friends – I felt guilty for most of 2017 because I lost a number of friends and I feel they’d have still been alive if I had reached out to them when it mattered the most. This year 2018’s gonna strike out that guilt. Need to talk to me? Pick up your damn phone and ring me up at 2 am.
2. Mentoring – As a growing professional, I’ve made a couple of mistakes which could have been avoided. I’d be actively searching for a mentor to learn from this year 2018. In return, I’m totally open to helping the greens.
3. Mental Health – For all those times I broke down mentally…and physically too, I’m making it up to me, baby! I’d have better sleep patterns, do more yoga and chill more. Namasté
4. Reading…Reading…Reading – This is one thing I couldn’t stop even if I tried. There’s no target of books for the year. Just more books to the path of enlightenment, pamphlets, articles and the likes. I’d also be checking up on all those who have received tonnes of books from me.
5. Volunteering & Charity – From actively stepping up mental health awareness at @mentallyawareng to deworming children at @wormfreezone and helping push for the success of SDGs at @NextGenAfrica, I’m wearing an “S” on my chest right now because I’m ready to save the world in 2018!
6. Stepping up convos on Feminism – I’ve put up “Feminist” on my bios across all social media platforms. This year, this girl is getting that shit done by sensitizing people on why everyone should be feminists and helping other women grow. 
7. Political Convos too – because we’d all be dead if we leave governing and our security to elected leaders
8. Career Development – Somewhere in between saving the world, I have to save myself and earn an income… and this income has to grow from learning more on the job and taking up some courses
9. Writing too – From writing my shopping lists, to contributing articles, writing papers and a book! Let’s get this shit done. *grabs notepad*
10. Have I mentioned eating healthier this year? Because I’m all for some badass glowing skin, curvier curves and healthy kinks.

Ifedayo Ward is a Political Philosopher, Pan Africanist and Feminist. She is championing the course of mental health as a pioneer of Mentally Aware Nigeria Initiative. Ife full-times as a brand manager of a technology brand.

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