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7 Tips That’ll Improve Your Writing Skills | Doaa Gamal

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The day I figured that writing is my passion, I also realized that I did not know the best way to improve my writing skills. I Searched the internet to get some results that could help me in gaining better ideas for improving my writing skill and enhancing this passion.
I saw that there are different ways to be better at writing. So, here are seven tips I use that you can also use to improve your writing skills and enhance your writing experiences:

Reading is the most important habit to enhance your writing skill. Read in different majors, topics and so on. It will help in expanding your ideas and improving your writing background. You will have a good amount of vocabularies and intention to write more for adding values.

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Use Active Voice instead of Passive
One of the most common mistakes is to write in a passive voice instead of the active one. Write your sentences directly as a “Subject + Verb + Object”, and avoid using the passive structure. Here is an example: “This house has been built by him”, it`s a little bit complicated here, and this will make your reader get confused! Try to use direct and simple English to make it easier for them to understand!

Use Punctuations Well
Use punctuations in your sentences and paragraphs. Punctuations help in showing your intentions while making sentences understandable and easy to read.

Ask to Learn
If there is a chance to learn from someone who is expert, this will help you to gain faster knowledge and information. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask and know the answers to gain experience!

Attend Meetup Events
Meetup events can help you to learn from other people experiences, listen to their tips and create your network. So, if you get a chance to attend this kind of events, try to share your thoughts with other people there to expand your knowledge and learn from their backgrounds.

Write Samples and Ask for Feedback
If you want to improve your writing skills, do your best in writing various samples then show it to someone who is more experienced than you. Ask for his/her opinion and feedback. That will help you to understand how to improve your article`s structure and produce it in a professional way!

Learn from Your Mistakes
Learn from your mistakes to improve your upcoming writing samples. That will help you in improving your writing step by step. Never give up and always have a passion for being a big writer who cares to deliver his idea to the globe!


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