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21 African Creative Women: Adaora Lumina Mbelu

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Adaora Lumina MbeluAdaora Lumina Mbelu usually tells people that she knew her purpose from an early age in life, and that helped get an early start for where she is today, and where she is going tomorrow. Adaora discovered her purpose by becoming in tune with her spirit first and then serving other people’s needs. For instance, she started her business to solve a problem that she identified in the creative sector.

When she first moved back to Nigeria, she found that a lot of creative people did not have the skillset to monetize their creativity. Hence, she started off helping people structure their ideas, and create sustainable products/projects that would allow them to monetize and build something that made them truly proud. In the process of doing this, she started to help brands find innovative ways to engage with their consumers and tell their brand stories. Adaora believes that we are multipurpose beings, and can only discover this by actively being and doing.

What drives her to keep going?
Adaora draws inspiration from her inner self – the spirit of God in her. She also gets inspiration from every single creation in this world.
I think that people are the most brilliant creation ever, and simply by watching good people live purposefully and thrive, I’m inspired. I truly believe that the world becomes better when people become more conscious, find themselves, and love others. So, I’m focused on elevating human consciousness.

What legacy/mark does she want your work to leave?
Adaora would like to be remembered for being honest, loving, and kind, while using as many of her gifts as possible, to help other people succeed on their journey. She wants to be remembered as someone who didn’t just support people through her message but invested resources into bringing their dreams to life.


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