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An Ode To The Creative Woman By Affiong Ene-Obong

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A creative woman has a wild mind and a disciplined eye.
She thinks on her feet.
She thinks about revamping, renewing and refurbishing.
A creative woman is a different kind of woman.
Passionate, poise and persistent.
The noise around her is paradoxically deafening.
She embraces peace as she strives to achieve her goal.
Calming the chaos within the soul.
Sometimes, she walks around with no sense of direction.
Life feels bland.
She’s stuck between mundane mediocrity and fear of failure.
Suddenly, that eureka moment comes.
Her heart bleeds.
And her fingers do the magic.
Her soul sings.
And she paints on the canvas.
Ideas come like water gushing from a faucet.
Ideas make her extraordinary.
Ideas make her wealthy.
Not her salary.
She scribbles in her dairy.
And her dreams come alive.
A creative woman is powerful.
Her mind is a weapon.
She conquers defeat and despair.

Affiong Ene-Obong is a lawyer, writer and poet, 
author of the book, 'A Life Called Forever', 
a collection of inspirational poems which was beautifully written 
to inspire, impact and transform lives. 
This book is a collection of poems and witty musing a delight to all.

To get the book, check the details below:
Contact information
Olabisi Ibironke (0815 736 5604) 
No 5a, Tokunbo Kaka Close Magodo 
G.R.A. Phase 2, Near Shangisha, Lagos. 
Or get it delivered to you at a small fee.
The book costs N1,000 

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