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Freelance Art Director & Creative Illusionist, Bethany Birnie

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Bethany Birnie is a freelance Art Director and Photographer working in Minneapolis whose passion is creating illustrative, and completely unique content.

Her goal every single day is to make the environment around her brighter or more interesting than it was the day before, which is obvious in the way she sees and interprets images, designs, and everything her hand touches. She takes the most mundane things and events and turns them into the most glamorous ideas you’ve ever seen. Her work feels like walking through a garden of imaginative and illusionary power. Freelance Art Director - Bethany Birnie featured on For Creative Girls

When Bethany Birnie is not behind a camera or playing with her husband and daughters, you will find her playing her violin, building sets or costumes for a new image, training for a marathon, taxidermy, or getting excited about learning a new hobby or skill.

A post shared by Bethany Birnie (@aquafoxphoto) on

A post shared by Bethany Birnie (@aquafoxphoto) on

Bethany has worked in advertising agencies for about 8 years and has had the pleasure of working with a gamut of brands, including Target, Cambria, Scotch Brite. As a freelance Art Director, Designer, and Photographer, you should definitely check out her work and get in touch with her.

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