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Tasnim Baghdadi Is Reclaiming The Multifaceted Identity Of Female Artists In Face Signature

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Face Signature is an inspiring ongoing art project by Tasnim Baghdadi showcasing brilliant women artists of color from around the world!
The ‘Face Signature’ series is an ongoing art project of mine. As a visual exploration of the face, it aims for authentic representation of Artists and Creatives with help of mixed media. In an art world dominated by the white male perspective on the female body (artistically and historically), I reclaim the female portrait in these works of art, using illustration and photography (mainly selfies and photographic works by the artists themselves, to display multifaceted identity of female Artists from different backgrounds and disciplines.” says Tasnim

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Tasnim Baghdadi is an artist, illustrator, and designer who was born in Cologne, Germany and is currently based in Fribourg, Switzerland.

Her artistic work is inspired by her interest in modern art, searching for a contemporary visual language in between the abstract and the figurative. Her main themes derive from cultural history and the human condition. She aims to fathom, de- and reconstruct concepts of personal and collective longing and belonging from within hybrid realities while mainly focusing on the human form and faces. Her work deals with the topics of body and space, which she uses in an abstract and metaphorical manner to visualize and communicate different states of consciousness and social as well as organic dynamics.
Besides her artistic focus, Tasnim Baghdadi also works as a freelance art director, creating visual concepts for editorials, networks, and events as well as an art mediator for exhibitions.

See more uber-talented work by Tasnim on her Website and Instagram.

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