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The Tiny Blue Print for Turning Comparison into a Good/Beneficial Thing

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Comparison is such an intriguing, overwhelming word and concept. It’s a concept that tries to give you a glimpse of another person’s life or creative output/work without giving you all the other angles of that glimpse (because, well. It’s supposed to be a glimpse).

Comparison is such a black hole! You literally get sucked into this darkness of looking at your life through the eyes of a tiny, minuscule, myopic version of yourself. Like you are literally selling yourself short to you.
Yeah, I’m worth $10. Cats -Tiny - Comparison - For Creative Girls

Let’s quickly describe what this state of mind feels like from experience.
It feels my ass and my entire being is on fire because I’m tensioned by the existence of another person.
I’m literally gaslighting myself because this wonderful person is most likely unaware of the war going on inside me.
Comparison feels like there’s a serious war/battle going on, because

How do you turn Comparison into a positive product for you?

Analyse your emotions.
Comparison shows us what our dreams can consist of if we open up our hearts more. Therefore, see it as you that person pointing you to the possibilities and dreams that exist in this universe. So, yes the person you are comparing yourself to is a sign that dreams can come true in your life too,
Comparison in a warped manner shows us a person we should admire and love, because well, they are awesome. But, the twisted demon on the left side of our shoulders won’t allow us to admire adequately. So, this means instead of getting overwhelmed by another person, you start looking at from the perspective of admiration.
Comparison basically shows us how capable we are of more beauty and accomplishments than we currently think.
Comparison shows us we’ve got a lot to learn and you should know by now that learning & getting knowledge is an exciting thing. Be open to learning and seeking knowledge.

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