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Challenges of Being a Girl in Northern Nigeria

By August 19, 2016 No Comments

Transition is a very challenging phenomenon in the life of every human. Being shifted from one point to the other can be very daunting especially when you have to deal with realities and conditions that you did not envisage.

One of the things we want to do on this platform is to share the stories of the everyday woman and her understanding of creativity, in her own realities. In this vein, we asked our friends Kolapo Oladapo and Temi Ibrahim who were in Kano (a state in the Northern part of Nigeria) for a few months to help us accomplish this mini-dream of ours. And guess what? They went out of their way to do this. Yay, for friends who help us build our dreams!

So, Temi up and went to speak with two Secondary School girls who are not indigenes of Kano but moved to Kano with their parents and have taken up the tasks of fitting into a culture that they were hitherto unfamiliar with, but had heard of before.

Listen to this 6-minute conversation with Anastasia* and Rachel* on being a girl in the north, their definitions of creativity, the dreams they have, the love their minds can conceive and you’ll be able to embrace deeply our human vulnerabilities, and the magnifying effect of being able to dream even in the light of unglorifying circumstances.

*Note: We withheld their surnames, schools and other data points for security purpose.


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