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This Clothing Brand Is On A Mission To Make Black Hair A Form Of Self Expression

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Brands have for so long told Black Women and Girls that black hair isn’t good enough. My Hair is Art was built on the idea that the black woman should love herself completely!
My Hair is Art was built on the idea that we should love ourselves completely. My Hair is Art is a clothing brand and a movement that encourages individuals to love themselves just the way they are. The black woman’s hair is a form of self-expression and love, and the women of My Hair is Art strongly believe that you should be able to love who you are in all forms, especially in your most natural state.

Their big mission is to see children grow up understanding that their natural black hair is as beautiful as any hairstyle that is advertised in the media. They strive to encourage others to embrace and love their natural hair.
Their Merchandise is the definition of lit magic! It’s beautiful to behold.

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