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Kiran Kaur & Amna Akhtar Created Girl Dreamer To Educate Young Women Of Colour

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“We believe every girl has the right to dream, but not just dream; she deserves the access, opportunity, and guidance to make those dreams a reality.
This is where Girl Dreamer comes in.”

Girl Dreamer is an empowerment platform for young women and girls of colour. Through school programmes, community engagement and digital content, they build confidence and unleash potential that the Girl child needs.

Girl Dreamer’s mantra is steeped in pushing boundaries, testing the waters and going full throttle at everything they do, which is awesome as the encourage young black girls to do the same. From setting up the UK’s first BAME* female longboarding crew to running an intense six month personal & professional development programme for girls in schools and creating digital animations to highlight the struggles of a millennial girl of colour, Girl Dreamer does things a little differently and do things wholeheartedly.

Taking the approach of what was missing when they were growing up, the women of Girl Dreamer are trying to change and shape the teen and young adult journey of the next generation. Ensuring that they are educated, elevated and empowered to go on, to do, be and achieve more. In other words, these are girls with dreams connecting and supporting more girls who dream so together everyone can be GirlDreamers.

GIRLS NIGHT IN – SELF DEFENCE SPECIAL .. #Throwback to a couple of weeks ago when our badass friend @alisonbaskerville teamed up with us to present an evening of self defence for women in our community. She showed us all how to keep safe, throw a mean punch & even how to get out of an attack when pinned down. The evening was filled with powerful energy, strong women, loads of confidence and of course, some sincere laughs because through the seriousness of it all, we had some funny moments! Thank you to all who came along, got stuck in, gave it your all and walked away feeling like the strong, beautiful and powerful women that you are! 😊💪 #GirlDreamer #inspiration #motivation #selfdefence #higherself #dreamer #success #ladiesnight #femaleboxer #girlswag #slay #bosslady #lifestyle #girlboss #girlsnightin #sisterhood #feminism #goals #boxing #feminist #women #femaleempowerment #dreams #chaseyourdreams #righthook #grind #melanin #femaleempowerment #girlssupportinggirls

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