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Dami Odufuwa is Kicking Patriarchy in the Butt with Wine and Whine NG

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Dami Odufuwa is not your average superhero, you know the ones with the capes, tight old-fashion leather clothing. Nope, Dami is championing a new breed of superheroes without cape with the platform she co-founded with Odun Eweniyi, Wine & Whine NG. The two women are doing the awesome work of channeling women’s rights in a fun, light-hearted yet fired-up manner!
Wine & Whine NG is a community for women to of course, whine and fight the patriarchy while sipping on some wine. Creating a safe space for women to come together in conversation, execution of anti-patriarchy issues, the community is thriving as they stay true to their goal. Dami Odufuwa - Wine and Whine NG
Today, you get to meet Dami Odufuwa, the electrifying cofounder and Head Bitch in Charge of Wine and Whine NG. Woohoo!

For Creative Girls: Hi Dami, have I told you how much I love love love Wine & Whine? I remember you saying that the idea popped up during a conversation with friends. Can you recap what the conversation and thoughts that led to the light bulb that’s now Wine & Whine?

Thank you! I’ve always wanted to create something for women as far back as my uni days. But I just didn’t know what at the time.

After moving back to Nigeria, I felt angry and frustrated by how women are treated in this country – and the world! Every time I was with friends (who thankfully were like-minded feminists) I would vent about the frustrations we all face and that was very cathartic for me. At my old job, I spoke to my colleagues about wanting to create a safe space for women like me and one of them suggested the name and I fell in love with it! Googled it and realised it was something women said – when they had lunch with friends etc.

I spoke to Odun about it and she was super excited and we worked on the purpose of W&W – refining it a few times and voila! It’s great having a co-founder like Odun Eweniyi who shares the vision and passion for women’s rights.

Your curation on Wine & Whine is genius! What goes into choosing what to post/publish and what not to publish?
Thank you! Honestly it’s a lot more organic than people think. I think about the content that I want to see on a women’s platform and post it – and since the platform is for feminist women who speak their minds like Odun and I, it just works!

Generally the rule is to feature black women as much as possible and make it clear that the page is FOR WOMEN. It’s a safe space for us to talk about everything.

What experiences and changes do you hope being a part of your community will imbibe in anyone who comes across it?
I want women to feel safe, valued and understood when they come to a W&W event. The world doesn’t listen to women enough.

I also want women to develop and own their talents. We tend to have a skills aspect at most of our event. So wine & whine but also learn something/create change.

You run the platform with Odun Eweniyi. What’s it like combining your superpowers? What does a typical Wine & Whine work-week look like for both of you?
Haha Odun and I are extremely efficient people and we are go-getters. We make shit happen! The only downside is that we are both swamped with so many roles outside of W&W so having enough time to dedicate is a problem. Wish we had the superpower that lets us manipulate time!

A typical work-week is planning an event and posting on our social media pages.

As a Creative, I especially love the intersection of narrative, great visual cues, and the impact that Wine & Whine sits in. I’d, therefore, like to know what creativity means to you.
Creativity will always mean freedom to me. I feel most creative when I can do and say whatever I truly want (within reason) in my various roles – whether as an activist, editor or producer. I wish more women’s media outlets in Africa were bolder and took a stand on important issues.

Tell us about 3 women you admire.
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: I am truly inspired by how she continuously critics what society expects us to think – as Africans and as African women. I love how despite all the hate she gets from ill-informed individuals, she never stops speaking her truth.

From a more visual creative point of view, I love Melina Matsoukas, the director of “Formation”, “We Found Love” and “Insecure”. Etc.

And ‘my mother’ in my head Tracee Ellis Ross. A talented actor, beautiful free spirt and passionate advocate for human rights. I want to be her when I grow up!

Your favorite websites, books, resources.
Websites/social media pages: I love The Girls Like Me, For Creative Girls, The Digital Tinker and of course Wine & Whine.
Books: This year I’ve read (and re-read) Half Of A Yellow Sun, Born A Crime, Becoming, Last Black Unicorn and Children of Blood & Bone.
Resources: I’m happiest when I’m watching TV shows, music videos and listening to new music.

Your plan for the future of Wine & Whine.
Well our short term plan is to throw an all-girls party this November so watch out for that!

In the long term; Odun said it best sometime ago “To reach as many women as possible and to offer a variety of services and opportunities directed at women across Nigeria, and maybe eventually, the world.”


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