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Dear Creatives, Sometimes I Wonder When I’m Going to be Known for My Work

By January 26, 2018 One Comment

We’ve been told that a lot of questions abound in the hearts of our creative humans. In our newsletter about New Year Anxiety, we wrote about how we realized people had questions about different aspects of their creative/professional journey. Hence a Q&A series had become important.
So, we’ll be answering questions from time to time, and inviting experts/mentors to answer questions bothering the hearts, work and creative journey of anyone in this community.

Here’s the first question in the “Letters to the Creative Community” series by a fellow creative who told us to share and get answers from the community.

Dear Creative Community, 
I get jealous sometimes when I see other Creatives flourishing. I keep wondering how long it’s going to take for me to be known for my work.
I know they say don’t be jealous of other women when you see them shining.
But I don’t know how to not be jealous. How do I stop being jealous? Dear Creative - Anxiety - Jealous

We asked our community of Creatives and Awesome people on Instagram and their answers were so full, freeing and truthful.

Style Jankara (veevsworld_)
It happens to the best of us all the time too. I curb mine by creating more. I channel that energy into working on new things. So rather than be envious, I use their work as inspiration to fuel me. If they can do it, why not me? Then I’m good ☺☺

Moyo Ogunseinde (moyo_ogunseinde)
There is a Season for everything. When your season comes it would be just right for you. While waiting for your bloom season, enjoy, maximize and just do you till it comes…..😁 I also like to FACE MY FRONT 🙈

TB Jae (https://www.instagram.com/tbjae/tbjae)
I know the feeling but then you also don’t know their story, they may have waited awhile before they were recognized as well. So use that as motivation that everyone has their turn and if you stay persistent and keep on working, your turn will come. Also don’t just wait to be noticed, put yourself out there, enter competitions etc, all the best! 😊🧡

Tamunotonye (theblackwriter)
Honestly, I was at this point. But then I realized that these people I wanted to be like so badly were having fun and enjoying themselves while creating. I chose to have fun and be me. I had to even unfollow some people because it was hard for me to just see them as inspiration. When I felt I was finally in my own zone I followed them back. And of course, as a Christian, I prayed about it. I understood that we are all different. We all have different Grace and capabilities. Be you and you’ll be fine. Everyone has their own timelines. Every successful person started somewhere and worked hard at it. Enjoy the process and you’ll be good!

Sandra Ogoh Amaka (gypsy__writes)
The green monster is a part of us all.. The most important thing is you never let it control you, most times Jealousy is an emotion intended to make you strive to do better than you.. To attain the height of our choice and make the necessary decisions and steps

Omotosho Busayomi (thingsandher)
It’s something that you will always consciously try to fight and it’s normal. When anxious or jealous, look at your work produced at the very beginning and your present work, and then tell your self you’re getting there

Ann (_awesomeann)
Jealousy can be turned into positivity, trying to explore ways to be better is an outcome of jealousy. Learning and gaining tips from some of those successful entrepreneurs that you are jealous of might also help too.

Bode Brown (iambodebrown)
First off, I’m not a girl but I sure am a creative and I’ve found myself in such situations!!!😂 😂
In fact, for real sincerity and honesty, I’d love to mention a name…For a creative arm of me, I make boxes, and one day, two of my friends at different points on the same day tag me on Mak Artistry ‘s page…Her page got me jealous like for real!
I talked to God about it and he ministered to me that day reminding me that we are all in a race, and you run your race setting your eyes on the finish line and not on your running mates…I received sense that minute to cherish her works, thank God and cherish mine, consider her a big sister in the business and learn from her… She actually doesn’t know this but will do today!! 😂😂😂

Addie Rawr (addierawrrr)
Focus on your own goal. Try to eliminate distractions as much as possible. I remove social media from my devices unless I need to post. After I post I remove them again. This way I’m not making myself vulnerable to comparing others. We all have different journeys and sometimes you have to condition yourself to remember that 💜

Sharee McFadden (sharee_denise)
Remember that comparison is the thief of all joy! We are all walking our OWN journey in our own time. This is a mantra that helps me in those moments when I’m struggling to appreciate myself and my process: what is for me is for me. What is coming to me is coming in the time it is supposed to. Everything happens for me when it is the right time for me.

Ronnie Walter (ronniewalter)
First thing is that it’s totally normal! Then, take a deep breath and remind yourself that we’re all on different points on this road. Some of us have just stepped onto the road and others are further down. It’s hard to compare yourself to someone with more experience, you just have to be your own very best self. And it helps to have someone to talk to too! And when the time comes, you’ll know exactly how it feels to be that new artist and you will be the person that puts a hand out for them. 💕

Kelly Heaton (kelly_heaton)
To paraphrase Carlos Castenada: Wake up! Your death is stalking you. You have no time to waste. Do not indulge negative thoughts – they will only harm you and keep you from achieving your goals. Re-direct negative energy away from your spirit and use it as a tool to art. Make art about jealousy and anxiety. Don’t be attached to your results – it’s the process that counts. Recycle your failures into new work and keep the faith that your life will unfold as it should. Good luck!

Sal Halchilde (halfchilde)
I don’t really think there’s a how-not-to answer to that. Personally, I’ve never had that feeling, instead, it inspires to be better. I get excited when I see a star-artist

Have you dealt with this too? What advice do you have for our anxious creative? Do share in the comment section.

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