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All the Feelings at MOOD, Anjola’s First Poetry Show

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I don’t think I’ve ever been to an event with a theme so befitting as Mood. Anjola must have pulled that theme/title right out of an extra-terrestrial space. Poetry is a beautiful cascading form of art, like musical crescendoes, but it gets tricky when you put a performance twist on. You wonder if the performance is going to come out as good and dear to you, as it did on paper and in your head. Poetry is a personal, mind-lubricating art that fulfills its purpose in soothing or exorcising the personalized. So, when you take that personal art form and invite others to dip themselves into it, while you perform – its just another magnificent height.
And this is exactly what Anjola  does with Mood. On the 13th of January, she had her first poetry show, ‘MOOD’ an intimate evening, which featured a curation of her work and literary inspirations. She pulled us into a whirlpool of emotions that led us into a stream of resolutions and emotional healing.
The awesomest part of the event was when she brought our a DJ set and performed a couple of Poems with it!

Here are pictures from the Poetry show. Mood _Poetry_Anjola Adedayo 5

Mood _Poetry_Anjola Adedayo 5

Other details from the event:
Venue: 16/16 Kofo Abayomi V.I Lagos, @16by16 –
Photos: Igho Emax @callme_emax
Videography: Rosegold Group
Graphic Design: Abiola Babarinde @abxola
Host: Zainab Amusan @scorpiozay
Creative Direction: Anjola @anj_ade, Jola Ayeye @jollz

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