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The Disney-like Art of Mervin Kaunda

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Stumbling on Mervin Kaunda’s art is tantamount to stumbling into a dream come true. His art feels like Disney commissioned him to go create characters that black girls can totally see themselves into! Every line and stroke of Mervin Kaunda’s illustrations will indeed make your heart burst with inspiration and huge doses of possibility. We don’t normally feature Art made by men, but we had to make an exception because anyone championing girls and women can be invited to join our club.
Mervin Kaunda is an Illustrator, Concept Artist, and occasional Animator. Most of his personal work is made up & created with his nieces and nephews in my mind. Isn’t that awesome? With the rise of artists like Mervin Kaunda and Vashti Harrison, plus movies like Hidden Figures we are confident that girls and women of colour will boldly take their place in Leadership and Profession across the world.

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