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8 Study Tips for Preparing for Your Exams & Getting High Marks

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I have this recurrent memory of being a child and listening to my mom ask me all the time to do my best when studying to get high marks on my exams. She always tried to help me as much as she could to help me gain and retain information fast, understand my lessons well and get high marks in exams.
Yes, it’s not easy, but neither is it impossible to be remarkable in your class or even get high scores. All you need is having a comfortable and motivational environment around you for studying well and achieving all your goals and dreams.

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Here are some tips that have helped me before in getting high marks and having a great GPA. It could also help you in studying well and getting really good results:

Take your time to study regularly in bits
It’s not a good idea to wait till the last minute to start studying, that’s the season for reviewing your lessons or remembering what you need. Take it easy and start studying as early as possible so as to have enough time for studying and reviewing your lessons.
This will help you in being comfortable, remembering your lessons easily and achieving your study goals.
Set up a schedule/ timetable for your lesson studies with a specific time, then work according to it. Write down how many exams you’ll have and the days you have for setting them. Follow your plan and always motivate yourself to get the highest mark and having an achievable dream!

Listen to music or practice sports
Listening to music or practicing sports relieves you of stress. Have at least one extracurricular activity in your life that you embrace/practice, then try to enjoy it as much as you can.
Listening to music or even playing specific kinds of sports, will help you to be more energetic and have the ability for working hard and achieving your study goals.  8 Studying Tips for Preparing for Your Exams and Getting High Marks - Charts and Pictures

Use pictures, charts and numbers in your Study
Having different studying systems is not a bad idea. It’s a very creative method for remembering your lesson’s information fast. It’s a highly recommended system to have photos/pictures or some charts tools for connecting with your lesson outlines to make easier while memorizing it.

Ask questions and take notes
When attending your classes, ask your teacher a lot of questions that’ll help you in understanding your lesson outlines better. Make sure you are taking notes regularly and writing answers down to help you become more aware of updates and keep track of new information that’ll help you during revisions later.

Review your lessons regularly
For remembering the lessons you have worked on during the week, try to review every weekend. It is a fantastic system for not forgetting the information and having a refresh memory.

Test yourself
Once you have studied your lesson outline and know things pretty well, put your outline away and try to recreate things from memory. This is a way of testing yourself to see if you can review your lessons well or if there is something that needs to be fixed!
If you figure out that there are some things that need to be done better, do not hesitate in trying another method/another stuff/other solution for getting the best of your studies.

Practice old exams
Search for old exams/tests that were administered in the previous years to get yourself familiar with the exam system. Day by day, you will find yourself hungry to learn, reviewing information and being able to answer questions fast. In the end, you will get the best results and have high marks just as you have wished before.

Be ready and go ahead to write your exams
Take a deep breath and relax before the exam day. This relieves you of exam stress and puts in a more comfortable and confident mental state. Drink some water before the exam’s starting time.
Before starting on the exam answer sheet and after getting the question paper, take a few minutes to plan in your mind how you are going to divide your time to answer your exam questions.
Means: Be able to schedule in your mind how your answering method’s going to be. It will help in being more organized and saving your time.

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