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Read The Girlfriend, A Weekly Newsletter for Women Aged 40+

By August 18, 2018 No Comments

Want to read inspiring real-life stories and experiences by women aged 40 and above? The Girlfriend has got you sorted! I first found The Girlfriend via Instagram when I saw an illustration that Dian Holton created for them, after that, I stalked the platform for weeks!
It is absolutely refreshing to find stories, experiences and shared needs by older women – they are real, truthful pockets of matured adventures, epiphanies, and beauties. The platform is a call to friendship and shared ownership by women and for women.
The Girlfriend Newsletter is a call to convene, confab, commiserate and learn more about the ways life is affecting right now. It’s a place where women (girlfriends ;)) share real stories and important info about changing health needs, evolving relationships, work and financial goals, and the latest, hottest trends. Just like a Girlfriend, these awesome women talk about everything from the most binge-able TV shows, the latest beauty tips to what makes them crazy about men, kids, and bosses.

The platform is owned by AARP. AARP is a Foundation working to win back opportunity for struggling Americans 50+ by being a force for change on the most serious issues they face today: housing, hunger, income, and isolation.

See previous issues of The Girlfriend here and subscribe for it.

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