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Navigate your Emotions and Relationships with Kelly Malka’s Illustrations

Understanding and naming emotional journeys can be a bit tough. The world and media have told us that being strong means blocking the flow of emotions, and dabbing the pathways us with mustered muscular energy. But this is often a terrible advice as sooner a later, an emotionally plunging situation comes and serves as a projectile escalating tool in our lives. Kelly Malka is an Illustrator whose works elicit that emotional part of you that you may be hiding, her illustrations slowly draw out those unspoken ideologies swimming around in your head. Her work is a reminder of the things that are important in life, relationships and personal image.

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I love how her illustrations are colorful, alive and subtly edgy. Her work is full of expressions that make the characters leap at your heart and snatching every inhibition you may have left.
Kelly Malka is a San Francisco based illustrator and designer, originally from Los Angeles. Her wardrobe is filled with black and white, which is an interesting contrast to color loving nature which shows up when she is illustrating (we think she enjoys not having to fuss over what to wear and mental stress of color choice in dressing up).
She has gotten to work with some pretty cool people, such as the Golden State Warriors, StubHub, Comcast, Pantone, Warner Bros Records, Hello Giggles, and more.

the most important relationship in your life is with yourself.💘 #selflove

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checking out.

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See more deeply truthful works by Kelly Malka on her website and shop them on Etsy.


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