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Fashion Tips From Creatives: 16 Creative Women On What Their Favourite/Comfy Outfits Are

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When I was little, I watched my dad grow as an Advertising Executive, you know one of the old timers in Nigerian Advertising. Back then illustrations were done with Pencil-like materials, there was no graphic design or computer generated designs/effects. Then after a while, he ran his own agency and I was a constant visitor at the agency.
One of the things that fascinated me the most at that time was the fact that People could bounce into the office on Monday mornings in Tee shirts, it was a dream come true for me. I hated Suits. I still hate suits. I hated overly formal looking clothing items. So, the fact that I could do a job that did not require wearing formal clothes was too awesome! And this was actually my first introduction to the Creative World – through its sense of Fashion.

A couple of days ago, I was reminded of this interesting introduction, the weird dressing pattern of Creative People and decided to ask 15 Creative Women what their go-to outfit is.

1. Faith Ilevbare – Storyteller and Film Producer
I like simple outfits that won’t get in the way while I’m at work so you’d mostly find me in jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers.
And the same applies to my life in general. Faith Ilevbare - fashion tips from creative women


2. Iju Asonibe – Photographer and Entrepreneur
Well, I’m a jeans T-shirt and sneakers girl. It’s my favorite because it’s comfortable and I have a very laid back style. I guess it describes me most. Iju Asonibe photography




3. Zeba Talkhani – Writer and Production Editor
I feel most comfortable and self-confident in jumpsuits. Add pockets and I’ve got everything I need in an outfit! Effortlessly glamorous and comfortable. Zeba-fashion tips from creative women


4. Folu Storms – Actor and Radio/TV Host
Honestly, I probably wear cropped blouses/ t-shirts shirts and tie-dye beach trousers the most! Absolute favorite because it’s so comfy and I love wearing locally sourced and crafted gear. I think of it now as sustainable living. Throw in locally made leather sandals/ flip flops and that’s me every other day. 😁 Folu storms - fashion tips from creative women


5. Tuke Morgan – Blogger and Saxophonist
I wear shift dresses, boubous, maxi dresses and kaftans when I want to be comfortable. I don’t like bands on my tummy when I’m relaxing. Tuke Morgan - fashion tips creative women


6. Afoma Umesi – Photographer and Blogger
I don’t know if I have a favorite outfit 😂 I dress for functionality. I like most of my clothes the same. I’m mostly dressed for work or for preaching house to house. But something I wear the most would most likely be work wear. Or my shooting outfit which is jeans and a tee. Afoma Umesi


7. Data Oruwari – Illustrator and Creative Strategist
Most favorite and the most comfy outfit is the “casual maxi bodycon” It’s versatile for all occasions and lets me move around easily. Love that I get to pair it with sneakers too. Data Oruwari - fashion tips from creative women


8. Morenike Gbadamosi – Paper Crafter and Graphic Designer
With regards to what I’m most comfortable wearing while working its nothing glam just a t-shirt and comfy bottoms like tracksuit bottoms, leggings or loose fitting trousers. Mainly because I don’t have to think too hard about it and so being comfortable means my mind is free to wander & create and I also get to sit in any position I feel like. I have always loved sitting with my legs curled up on the chair since I was a child so my comfy clothes allow me that freedom. Morenike Gbadamosi - fashion tips from creative women


9. Roqeebah O. – Creative Director & Set Designer
A tunic and a pair of trousers (+ a pair of slippers and my scarf). And I’m more likely going to reach for the darker colours (read black) than I will the prints or bright colours. Not that I don’t like prints and bold colours – I do – I’ve just been fascinated with black for as long as I can remember. The choice of tunic/pants, however, is a bit more recent. I’ve learnt it’s the one look I can always rely on. It looks good anywhere and I don’t have to think too much about it. Roqeebah O - fashion tips from creative women


10. Oyinkan Braithwaite – Writer and Animator
I’m not very conscious of what I wear. But, I really like leggings. The thick kind. They are so convenient. You can dress them up or be casual with them. I also have a secret desire to wear dungarees again. It’s been ages but the yearning is real. Oyin Braithwaite - fashion tips from creative women


11. Karmen Wessels. – Illustrator and Sometimes Drag Queen Doodler
My favourite outfit is pretty boring, but I love jeans and a festive button up shirt! Anything that looks like it was used as a costume for Weekend at Bernie’s 😂 paired with some high tops! Roqeebah O - fashion tips from creative women


12. Yvonne Onyinye – Storyteller and Design Thinker
I don’t really have a favorite outfit. I dress for the occasion really and I can work in almost anything as long as it’s the perfect fit with regards to size and fitting. However, I love boots and plain pants. I love clean lines and cuts. I like to think I’m a Banana Republic woman. As much as I’m a creative; I barely do bohemian or queer and high-end fashion which is stereotypical for artists and creatives. I love to look modern and clean. Roqeebah O - fashion tips from creative women

13. Kirstin Makela – Designer and Imagineer at Disney
My current go-to is a simple, black knee-length dress that I bought from Target with short sleeves and a mock turtleneck. It’s comfy and easy to throw on but looks presentable for meetings. I then dress it up to reflect my mood with colorful scarves, kimonos or jackets.
I wear my company ID on a lanyard, so I normally skip necklaces and opt for statement earrings. Since my job requires extensive drawing on a tablet, I keep bracelets off of my drawing hand to keep my arm freely moving. ☺ Kirstin Makela - fashion tips from creative women


14. Affiong Osuchukwu – Food Photographer and Plant Food Chef
Most comfortable in jeans and a casual top. I love monochrome and earth tones. But in all the calm I love pops of colour. 

15. Simi (EatTechTravel) – Lifestyle/Travel Blogger and CyberSecurity Analyst
Tee shirts for me – they usually make a statement (or not sometimes). I love mine vibrant and artistic. Sometimes, I like it to tell a story or an introduction. Simi Eattechtravel


16. Nomvula Tila Mathizerd – Photographer and Storyteller
I love wearing long baggy dresses with a pair of Adidas sneaks and colorful handbags. I love to keep it simple with minimal accessories. I can go everywhere in this outfit and I love it cause the look screams “CREATIVE” Tila Nomvula

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