Madeeha Saeed on Being a Writer & Studying Computer Science

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Being a writer is one of the most beautiful things in the world and Madeeha Saeed loves every bit of it! The Pakistani writer and Computer Science student shares her journey and everyday life.
We like to understand childhood experiences that stand out. Is there any childhood experience that is of great significance in your mind and memory?
There are several I would like to share. When I was in primary school, in the fifth grade, I wrote a poem in my native language i.e. Urdu. I remember the day I wrote it and was quite scared to share it with my mates for fear that they would laugh after reading it or make a joke out of it. But when they read, their reaction was quite shocking to me. Some of them were reading it loud again and again and some saying that it must be someone else’s poem i.e. I couldn’t have written it or it can’t be mine. That was the first time that I knew that I was born a writer, that this is something my inner self represents.
At about 11 years of age, I wrote a quite powerful poem which wasn’t a childish one, that poem had a sharp vocabulary and lyrical personification. Even after my first poem, it goes on. I wrote lots of poem in Urdu and English and all of them were kind of mature text. It was purely God-gifted and was something I wasn’t learning. At the age of 15, in my matriculation level, my friends adored me and sometimes their reaction was almost that of unbelief about the fact that all of the stuff I was writing was mine. But little did they know that not everyone could do this, the vocab, metaphors, personification, words, rhymes and the way I put my notion in my poems and writings at that young age was something above the board. I participated at my school in some domestic and international events of essay writings and one thing which was pretty different was my speed. On Screen, I don’t have to stop for a while to think about what I got to write and on paper, I don’t have to stop my pointer’s nip to stop writing. My brain was always on fire at that time too when I was a little girl. A world full of words, jumping inside my cranium, ready to burst on paper.

Right now at the age Of 20, I’m a writer of 72 English Poems and 30+ poems in Urdu. Along with that, I’m professionally writing too about almost every topic. Especially 10+ articles on aviation, in which several are published.

What’s life like every day as a writer? What does your routine look like from when you wake up in the morning?
As a writer, I find myself most of the time reading & writing things and Most of the time sharing them too. We, writers of the modern world are so lucky, we’ve got technology which enables us to unleash our talent in front of a big audience online. I really enjoy this. I have blogs which I run by sharing my writings online and get astonishing responses.
The daily routine summed up in some sentences, I’ve got my university to go daily from 8:30 am to 2 pm and sometimes a little early too when I’ve got no classes to attend. I wake up early in the morning at 6 am, pray to God, then take breakfast with my Mom and Dad and siblings. Then I get ready for university. When I get back most of the time, I take a nap, if I get the time. In the evening, I make tea for my parents and myself, then I do some coding on my laptop after that. Then do some home chores, some stuff to write and read and then to sleep but not early, I sleep pretty late.

As a software engineer in the making and a writer, what plans do you have as you build your career?
After writing, if there is anything I like and I could call my passion is Computer science. I am tech geek and enthusiast. That’s why I opted out of Bioscience and Law subject for it. You could say I sacrificed my line of education for Software sciences. Being a student right now, the only goal is to get my degree, owing to the fact my degree is found to be pretty hard for me since I started because I had no domain of pre-qualification of these subjects especially with Maths (Sighs), a kind of war is going on HAHA. I plan on merging both my hobby and profession to get in a line of my career and hopefully it will prove to be the best combo for my career.

What value and change do you hope to add to the universe through your work?
Change is the word, which always jerks me inside-out. This word has very powerful energy and has a huge value in the world of revolution. If I want to change anything, I always would like to start it with me. You can’t change the universe without getting a change in yourself because you’re the part of it. You’ve got to be the big example of the change you actually want to bring in world and universe.

Being a writer, the best weapon I could use to bring any influence and change in the universe is my pen, which is my sword of change. I want to bring the change in the thoughts of people. I want to change people’s thinking i.e. the way people think towards everything. I want to see a world full of positive vibes and this could only happen when we change our thoughts. Thoughts full of life, less judgmental, practical and beautiful. I want Love to excel above hate and surely It will be the topic of my future writings towards which I’m heading to, Thinking, From Which Love Prevails.

In your perspective and experience, how should an Artist/Engineer be primed for repeated great performance and execution of their skill/art?
I think everyone, who’s out there struggling with their education, career and life and everyone who’s confused about their future that they have to choose between their passion and careers and what to do & what not to do with their lives in this concern, should have to understand only one mantra – “Hear Your Inner Voice”, you’ll get the best answer. When I got to that phase i.e. when I was confused about choosing my educational line, i.e. whether to opt for my passion or the obvious futuristic line, I chose both. I aligned both things to excel further, I think, you should only have to understand the language of your heart and I’m pretty sure about one fact that every one of us is artist and scientist from inside. We got to merge both things, I think this is what world needs the most today. We’ve scientist without sensitivity and creativity and got artistry without science which is making a clash in our universe and this has got to be changed.

What’s your definition of creativity? And how do you handle creative/writer’s block?
Creativity is something related to your heart, if you are a lover, Lover of anything it could be a God, Nature, space, a person or hobby to which or whom you love, Then you must have a talent creativity, You just got to explore it. Creativity is God-gifted talent, You don’t need to learn, You must have to explore and if you want to know whether you are creative or not, you just have to know about yourself that are you a lover or not. Do you’ve actual love residing in your heart? If yes, then you are creative no matter what other says. You just got to believe in yourself and keep exploring it till you get it on the board.

Being a creative writer, I remember since childhood, I always find myself writing, I don’t have to handle or manage, what is with me all the time. That was my nature where my creativity lies. I don’t have to manage time for it, it’s a kind of escape from harsh reality for me always. I used to relax with it, I used to handle my negative thoughts and anxiety through it, It was a kind of entertainment for me to write things and It was also my psychologist and counselor in the times when I needed healing. The writing is something that handles and manages me, I don’t have to manage it.

Can you share a couple of your favorite websites, platforms plus 3 women you admire?
My favorite social platforms, which I used the most as a blogger and writer are :
We Heart It

Favorite websites are:
Engineer Girl
For Creative Girls
Girls Who Code
Nuclear Connect
Berkely Edu

Favorite Women:
1) Arfa Karim Randhawa (Youngest MCP, Late)
2) Maryam Muktiar (First Pakistani Female Fighter Pilot Died In the Line OF Duty)
3) Karen Armstrong

What are you currently reading?
I’m reading Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak.

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