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10 Important Tips for Getting Accepted into Top Universities | Doaa Gamal

It’s awesome that women and girls in this age now look forward to building their future effectively! They are planning to know more about the world around them beyond their countries’ borders! At the same time, they are planning to enrich their future (Studies and Career).
I have some of my friends who applied to study abroad and after studying/coming back home, their future has been changed, totally changed! And there are still a lot of girls who want to change their lives for the better, they are hungry to learn and have a bright future!
Well, I think its very important to learn from other people’s experiences, so, I think the steps below which I have learned through attending some conferences and lectures about how to get accepted to study abroad, will help you become aware of what’s going on around you and how it could help in enhancing your chance in getting accepted and making your dreams come true!

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Determine your goal
Know yourself well. Know what you want to do or achieve in the future. Check and understand the different choices that you could be interested in. Figure out what your passion is and what you would like to do for the rest of your life! And most importantly, NEVER GIVE UP!

Decide your Major
After taking the time to check different choices, etc. Do not hesitate in choosing the closest major to your heart and what you would like to study at the university! Be smart and have a plan for your future field/major which you are looking forward to getting involved in. Know what you want to do while studying and what you plan for your career after finishing your University studies (Have a Short and Long-Term Plan).

Check different Universities website programs
Be aware of the different programs a lot of universities are offering. Check the universities websites for knowing more about their offers, study styles, and requirements. Make a comparison of the different universities’ programs and know which one will be more suitable for you! Be sure about every program`s curriculum and which one could be fit for your interest and future`s plan. 11 Important Tips for Getting Accepted into Top Universities - Studying abroad

Contact the Admission
If you have any questions or want to know something that relates to the studies and achieving the universities’ requirements, do not hesitate in contacting the university`s admission office and get more information that’ll help you while applying to study there, etc.
You could also ask the admission about some professor’s contact there for helping you choose a specific major there, etc. This will help you in knowing more about the latest updates related to that specific major you choose, how you can fit it while being in a competition with other students and if there are some funding opportunities.

Work on your CV
The competition is so high! It’s hard! You will find yourself competing with the world around you! Different students around the world, different backgrounds, different privileges, etc. You need to enhance your CV and have something AMAZING there!
You need to have good interactive content on your CV, that could be gotten while having internships, volunteering work and Technical Courses. That will help in making your efforts appealing and will explain more about your interests and your plan for gaining better chances.

Have good grades and high scores
If you would like to join top universities for getting a better education and creating your network professionally, then, you need to have high GPA and high exam’s results, such as TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, GRE, etc.
That is going to help you in being more remarkable while applying to the admission and will increase your acceptance opportunities!

Ask the previous experts
Learning from other’s experiences is good. You could ask them about their recommendations, tips, etc. Learn from their mistakes and how you can hunt opportunities. That will help you in being more fit, filling your application professionally and saving your time.

Be yourself
Be Yourself while trying to apply or join any kind of programs, there is going to be a lot of different steps, such as Personal Statement, Financial Aid, etc. While filling different branches/questions in the application, try to be yourself, do not lie, do not include incorrect information, be yourself, speak more about your dreams, goals and how that studies will help you in achieving your future dreams. Be smart while filling your application, speak more about your plan for serving the community after getting that kind of studies and how that program will enhance your chances for achieving what you are looking forward to.
Speak more about your previous achievements and do not forget to mention how you are going to add to that program and university.

Get your recommendation letters
Having recommendation letters increases your chance of getting accepted to study abroad in any university in the world. Having recommendation letters from professors, managers and team leaders you’ve worked with on different previous projects will help you in being remarkable and explain more about your qualifications and abilities + why you are fit for joining such programs!
Your recommendation letter should include more explanation about your skills, different situations you have been involved in, how you converted your weaknesses into strengths.
Your recommendation letters should also help the university in understanding more about your character, how you are going to add to their program and improve your chances of getting the opportunity there.

Have something unique
Having something UNIQUE in your CV will help you in explaining your competencies and why you are going to be the fittest person in the program. That will help you in being on the top of the competition. Having something unique could be: Being a team leader in your previous student activity, your initiative for serving your community OR some of your previous achievements in the work, university, etc.

Doaa Gamal`s Personal PhotoDoaa Gamal is passionate about writing and helping others. She believes that through writing, one can deliver different messages that can influence the world around us. She works to help others set up their goals and discover their potential. She is also a life enthusiast and blogger always looking at the bright side of life. She is interested in sustainable development, education and helping others through volunteer work.
She looks forward to being an added value to (For Creative Girls) by helping in raising awareness of its work around the world!




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