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A Guide to Making Money with Cryptocurrency: Everything You Need to Know

When Bitcoin first launched on the market, no one could have expected how it would blow up to the heights it has. In 2022, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Maker, and Ethereum have surged in popularity and value. You may be wondering; how can I make money from cryptocurrency? Well, the answer may not be black and white, but there are certain strategies you can follow which can boost your chances.

In 2022, now is the best time to start thinking about investing, staking, mining, or trading. All four are excellent methods of making a profit and stepping foot into the crypto world. Read on to find out how to make money with cryptocurrency and what actions you need to take today.


One popular method for making money with cryptocurrency is to invest. This works the same way it would if you invested in a company. However, there’s a small twist involved. Rather than putting in your money and seeing the company boom and make a profit back to you, it’s far better to opt for the buy-and-hold strategy. While this is a little risky, if you use the strategy correctly, you can make quite a ton of money.

Buy-and-hold strategies may be extremely volatile in the short run, but they do have fantastic long-term potential for growth. Assets like Ethereum have been known to show a long-term price increase, meaning it’s considered a safe investment. 

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Guide to Making Money with Cryptocurrency - Everything You Need to Know

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Unlike investing, trading is regarded as more of a short-term tactic. To do this successfully, you must own some form of cryptocurrency to start with like Ethereum, before trading them on one of many platforms for another cryptocurrency. Paxful enables you to securely buy Ethereum with credit card in an instant. Their services are entirely peer-to-peer, which means you can trade with real people and buy Ethereum with credit card in minutes.

There are more risks attached to trading, especially as the crypto sector can be quite unpredictable. Prices can increase and decrease within a blink of an eye. Therefore, using this strategy requires you to have excellent analytical skills. We advise you use this method if you’ve got cryptocurrency experience. Investing is a much safer route for newcomers, particularly if they’re keen on more popular cryptocurrencies.


Bitcoin mining is one of the most popular methods of making cash through crypto. Mining a cryptocurrency is a tactic that carries the least risks. This is because you’re generating currency into your wallet through mining risks. The only way the risks will increase is if you plan to keep hold of the currency and mine more of it by the time it dips in price or not.

Unlike some of the methods listed, you don’t have to put in loads of effort to become a highly profiting crypto miner. Although, you will need to invest some cash into mining rigs. These are essentially PCs that won’t do anything but run programs that mine the cryptocurrency. Also, you may have difficulty finding parts for these rigs. For the risk chasers, mining can provide the biggest jump in profit, especially with it increasing in value over time. Just ensure you’re careful using this method. You don’t want to lose any precious time which could be used elsewhere.


Staking is a technique that is only recommended for individuals who have extensive experience in cryptocurrencies. If you’re wondering how to make cash with cryptocurrency via staking, it basically puts you into the role of a bank. Any coins you come into contact with, whether it’s through trading or investing, you can lend to a network. This enables them to use them in their transactions, with you receiving a small percentage for every transaction. 

The key element to reaping the profits through this method is by finding a network that has lots of trading. Your previous knowledge of cryptocurrency will come in handy in this instance. Staking rewards cushion your losses somewhat. As your coins dip in value, you will get passive rewards at least. One of the primary benefits of staking is its interest rates and earning more crypto. In some instances, you can earn more than 10% to 20% per year

If you’re keen to get into crypto and want to make some big money, it’s important you go about it the right way. Sure, you may have heard tons of success stories, but they’re few and far between. Everyone gets into crypto to make cash, but you’ll find many people give up along the way or lose money.

To stop this from happening to you, you must properly understand how to make money with crypto. The methods above are all great ways to do just that, but you’ll need to take to learn your craft and ensure your actions pay off. 


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