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Hanane Ouakrim Is Building A ‘Social Good Meets Handmade Craft’ Platform In Morocco

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“Have you ever received a gift that continues to brighten your heart through days? Do you still remember the first gift you have ever received? A gift that was designed only for you? Do you remember the person who gave it to you? What’s the best gift you’ve ever given someone? Do you believe in the emotional value of every gesture, every word, and every gift?”

These are the questions Hanane Ait Ouakrim seeks to answer with her platform, YourSGift.
Growing up, she noticed that she was afraid of almost everything. The only thing she wasn’t afraid of is to show and follow her emotions. She trusts them with her entire being. It is her only connection to her true self and others.
Her joy is in people’s stories celebrating memories, feelings, moments, smiles and laughter. And when this celebration comes with gifts, it becomes more special. It is common for people to give, it might be time and presence, a word, an item…in moments of joy or sadness, anything we receive from the other is heaven.

Hanane Ouakrim’s YourSGift is a platform to remind people to feel the loving things in their lives and cherish human connection. The platform has a social mission to share the unique and special handmade gifts by talented people, with focus on the artisan community to build YourSGift by developing a collection of gifts, to make sure every piece has a value in terms of emotions and serves its purpose creating closeness, appreciation, and thoughtfulness.
Think Social Good meets Handmade Craft!

With YourSGift, Hanane Ouakrim is bringing people together, providing redesigned and handmade gifts by working closely with talented people everywhere working with the heart on their craftsmanship.


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