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How To Slay On And Off The Runway: Fashion Resources And Bloggers You’ll Love

The last couple of weeks has been filled with Fashion Shows, Fashion Week and an array of Fashion menu, awesome for a good lifestyle dietary. So, we thought it would be cool to flex our muscle and go out of our comfort zone by delving into the Fashion world for tips, tricks, and listicles.
This interesting compilation was a Newsletter we made last week, but we thought to also put it up here. (You should subscribe to our Weekly Newsletter here)  No, we didn’t do this all by ourselves. We asked Fashion genie, Cassie Daves and Lifestyle amazeballs, KachiTee to give us tidbits for this compilation.
Here it goes:

Fashion Bloggers We Think You Should Know and Followproject tribe fashion


Fashion Websites We Love and Were Introduced to – These are websites we think you should totally check out.  You’ll love their details, moments and


Resources for Women in the Business of Fashion: These are some opportunities, Marketing tips and fashion business tips for you if you run a Fashion and Lifestyle business. fashion-girl resources

What are your favourite fashion websites, resources? Tell us about fashion bloggers you love.

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