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Kirsty Johnston Makes Creative Prints to Raise Funds for Charity that Focuses on Gender Equality

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Kirsty Johnston is an illustration student from Edinburgh, U.K. These are some of her interesting works:


Apart from these, she has been working on a set of 3 prints to sell for the charity ‘Plan International UK’ and their campaign ‘Because I’m a Girl’. The campaigns work with girls and their communities to eliminate all the barriers that stand in the way of gender equality – such as child marriage, violence in and around schools, poor sexual and reproductive health and rights, and economic insecurity. She will be donating all the proceeds raised from these prints.

Kirsty’s intent — in addition to raising funds — is to raise awareness and encourage women to abolish negative attitudes through her prints. For her, when thoughts are out in the open, they become a reality and install a sense of responsibility, which when seen by others could encourage people to rethink their actions.

You can view and buy her charity prints on Etsy here.

Find her on Instagram @kirstyjohnston_ .

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