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Kristin Texeira’s New Collection of Art Goes Live in Celebration of Women’s Equality Day

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In celebration of Women’s Equality Day, marking the adoption of the Nineteenth Amendment Brooklyn-based artist and one of the amazing Female Artists at Uprise Art, Kristin Texeira has created a body of works inspired by women in her life and will be showcasing them live from tomorrow, Sunday the 26th of August. Kristin has through abstraction, represented each woman in her life by the objects and colors that come to mind when she thinks of them.

Kristin Texeira fashions abstractions of her interactions with both persons and places. She often incorporates color, sketching, and writing to creatively capture, document, and preserve memories. Her works take the form of what she calls “memory maps,” which attempt to remedy nostalgia and serve as vessels for viewers to relive certain moments again and again.
It is therefore significant that Kristin’s new collection goes live at Uprise Art (whose roster of Artists are 60% female) on Women’s Equality Day celebrating the adoption of the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution, which affirms women’s right to vote in the US. To celebrate this day, proceeds from her newest works will be donated to the non-profit organization She Should Run, a women-focused political organization whose goal is to get 250,000 women elected to office by 2030, by providing community, resources, and growth opportunities for aspiring political leaders and getting women from all parties, ethnicities, and backgrounds to run for office. Kristin Texeira New Collection Goes Live in Celebration of Women's Equality DayKristin Texeira was born in Massachusetts. She graduated from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2010 with distinction and departmental honors. She has had the opportunity to partake in residencies in the states and abroad such as the Alfred and Trafford Klotts Residency through MICA in Brittany and the Golden Foundation Artist Residency in New Berlin, NY.

Here’s a sneak peek of the new collection championing Women’s Equality Day.

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