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7 Ways to Help Yourself Live Better & Act Awesome | Doaa Gamal

You deserve to live an awesome life. You are a very important part of this world. Men do not have a monopoly on building and achieving big things in this world, Women too can do amazing and achieve a lot of goals.
Follow the seven steps below for moving yourself forward and becoming awesome:

Have a Goal
Know your needs well. Figure out what you want and map out a plan for yourself that you can follow through.

Have a Mentor
A mentor is someone who is an expert in your field and looks forward to giving you tips and helping with the direction you need become more effective. Having a mentor will help you in saving time, money, efforts, etc. And it’s going to help in getting a positive output easier and faster. Mentor - 7 Ways to Help Yourself Live Better & Act Awesome

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Have a Passion
Work according to your passion and what you would like to achieve. Passion motivates you in working hard and doing your best for achieving your big dream. Passion - 7 Ways to Help Yourself Live Better & Act Awesome

Have a Fun Spirit
Your personality expresses your character and attitude. So, have a fun, joy-spirited approach to the things you are doing. Be friendly, helpful, motivated, charming and amazing! This is going to leave a positive impact/impression on your friends, colleagues, and mentors. It’s going to help you in creating a larger network. Fun - 7 Ways to Help Yourself Live Better & Act Awesome

Get involved in helping your Society
If you’ve ever been helped by someone in your life at any point, think about paying it forward. You can help your society to be developed by volunteering, creating something.

Keep away from bad attitudes to get others attention
A lot of people take up bad habits, such as smoking, drinking excessively, bullying, and other bad habits – doing it for attention. But honestly, being awesome doesn’t work like that! So, my advice is, if you want to be cool, you need to have a good attitude and work according to your positive traditions and habits. Feedback - 7 Ways to Help Yourself Live Better & Act Awesome

Learn from your mistakes and work on others’ feedback
While working with your colleagues, teachers, and mentors, you are going to get their feedback, a lot! Identify their most effective and strong feedback and work on transferring your weaknesses into strengths.

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Doaa Gamal`s Personal PhotoDoaa Gamal is passionate about writing and helping others. She believes that through writing, one can deliver different messages that can influence the world around us. She works to help others set up their goals and discover their potential. She is also a life enthusiast and blogger always looking at the bright side of life. She is interested in sustainable development, education and helping others through volunteer work.
She looks forward to being an added value to (For Creative Girls) by helping in raising awareness of its work around the world!



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