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How to Manage Moving Home When You Work from Home as a Creative

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Moving home can be stressful at the best of times. When you work at home, you would think it might be easier to handle the move. But, in reality, it can end up causing more disruption to your life. You’ll be surrounded by half-packed boxes while you’re trying to work, you might have to be without an internet connection for a while, and your work is calling to you while you’re trying to organize the move. If trying to move home is proving difficult for you or you think it might be, there are some things that you might do to handle the move while continuing to work at home.

How to Manage Moving Home When You Work from Home as a CreativeKeep the Move Well Organized

Getting organized when you’re moving home is always important, but it can be even more so when you work at home. When can you pack up your desk and the other things you need to work on? Can you even concentrate on your work when you’re trying to move? Organizing yourself and your move will help you to pack on a schedule, and get everything done with less stress. Hiring movers will also help you to keep everything on track. At MyBekins.com, you can discover how a fast and affordable moving service can reduce stress during your move. Making lists, labeling everything, and using movers will all keep you organized.

Make Sure You Have an Internet Connection ASAP

It’s usually pretty important to have an internet connection if you work from home. When you’re moving, your stable connection can be disrupted. You could even be without a connection in your new home for days or even weeks, depending on how fast you can set up the service. Try to organize your new connection ahead of time so that it’s ready when you move in or soon after. If you’re without the internet in your new home for a while, identify an alternative location to work from, whether it’s a coworking space or a cafe.

Plan Your Work Schedule Around Your Move

Moving home can be distracting when you’re trying to work. You know that you have work to do, but the boxes are calling you too. And when you’re busy with the move, you feel like you should be working instead. So that you don’t get too distracted or keep your clients waiting, try to plan your work around the move. Get anything urgent done before the move, and let any clients or other important people know that you might be a little more difficult to get in touch with for a while.

Treat It As Time Off

Sometimes the easiest thing to do is to take some time off for your move. It can be tough to take time off when you work from home, especially if you’re self-employed. Your work is always there, so switching off for a while can be hard. However, if you take a day or two off for your move, you could get it done a lot quicker. According to a recent study on the effect of remote work on the home search process, many individuals are now prioritizing home office space and larger living areas while searching for their next residence.

It might be difficult to move home when your home is also where you work, but in some ways, it can make it easier too. You can be more flexible with your time, so take advantage of that.


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