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Tips To Make Your Blog Attractive, Interesting and Reach More Audience | Garima Aggarwal

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When we begin working on our blog, we expect a certain outcome. We want it to look good, reach a lot of people and engage them. Writing a blog and sending it to a number of people is not the way to impact a larger part of society. 

Here are 10 tips and tricks to make sure that your blog is not only attractive but reaches a maximum amount of audience to be able to create a big impact: 

1. Bet on a specific niche

Contrary to what many people imagine, choosing a little-explored segment can be a tremendous competitive advantage. When you decide to direct your efforts to a specific niche, the chances of reaching the target audience increase.

On top of that, having an audience is much more useful than trying to talk to everyone. The competition in the most popular segments is enormous, and because of this, it is much more difficult to stand out. Therefore, invest in understanding the sectors that still do not have a channel that deals with the issues in their area.

2. Get to know your audience well

After choosing the best category for your blog, you need to invest in recognizing the person – that is, looking at demographics and understanding people’s behaviour. Thus, the business will come out of superficiality and identify who the person you intend to reach with your blog is.

If you do not have a reader base yet to do your research, don’t worry. There are other ways to create your persona, that semi-fictional character based on real data that represents your ideal client (or reader).

Social networks can offer many insights about the preferences of your audience. In them, people freely share a lot of valuable data, and you can collect everything from the most basic information to that which reveals consumer preferences. LinkedIn, for example, is an excellent source, as it accurately offers a lot of information about people’s profiles.

On top of that, if you find a competitor’s blog, the comments can reveal some ideas about your pain. Gathering all this data and creating a profile that represents your ideal buyer is essential to create brilliant content!

3. Create relevant content

We know that it is quite challenging to attract people’s attention, mainly due to the volume of information available on the Internet. Therefore, relevance is the main ally of a successful blog. By clearly identifying who you are, it will be easier to create content that is interesting enough to capture her interest.

Another point that greatly influences this issue is the periodicity of the publications: it is useless to have valuable content if there is no consistency in the posts. Having a defined frequency positively influences the SEO of your blog.

With higher rankings on Google results pages, more people will have access to your content. The more people are interested in your channel, the more visibility it will have. Thus, with a strong audience, it is possible to get even closer to the people who have an interest in your business.

4. Invest in building a solid base of contacts

Having a large volume of traffic on the blog is not enough to generate financial results: you need to invest a lot in lead generation. In the end, visitors are anonymous until they give you their contact information. Therefore, it is essential to create “decoys” within the blog to generate more and more leads.

With these contacts in our possession, it will be possible to establish a loyal relationship with potential clients. When it’s time to sell, those people are sure to be more likely to consume. For that reason, investing in lead nurturing is very lucrative. The more educated the person is, the greater the likelihood that they will become a loyal customer.

5. Boost your blog’s reach

One of the most effective ways to increase the visibility of a channel is through investment in ads. Google Ads is one of the ads platforms to accelerate the results of your blog in a short time.

Advertising directed to the Search Network is linked to increased conversions. If you want to promote a product or content on your blog to generate leads, then you have the ideal model. However, if your intention is to be seen by more people within your niche, the Display Network is much better for you.

Besides those, there is another option: register your blog to become a Google partner. In this way, your channel will be paid for the display of advertising from other brands.

All these options are exciting to make a successful blog and boost its results, especially since they are advertising solutions that offer a faster profit. In the short term, it will already be possible to perceive significant effects with the investment in Google Ads.

6. Invest in affiliate marketing

Another strategy to earn money with your blog is by becoming an affiliate. That means becoming a consultant for a product or service and earning a commission for each sale. In many sectors, the pay is quite good.

Besides, the return with this strategy is much faster, considering that you do not need to create a product, only publish it on your blog. That disclosure can also serve as an experiment to create an even better solution.

Let us imagine that a product sells more than another that you promote. In that case, you can develop an improved version of that product. After all, you already know that the audience wants to get something superior to what the market offers.

7. Make alliances with influencers in your market

It is good to observe the people who are authorities in their segment. Look for personalities that are not competitors, but that has the same audience as their focus. Gather the leading names and contact them to propose an alliance.

It can be something related to the dissemination of products and services or linked to the production of content. A classic example is the famous guest post. In this strategy, you publish your texts on an external blog and with that, you get even more visibility.

It is important to note that with this tactic, you will probably attract a new audience. It will make your channel more known and obtain more qualified visitors that can translate into opportunities to generate new alliances.

8. Act like an entrepreneur

For the blog to become a sales machine, you need to understand that channel in a more professional way. It is like having a business, with the only difference that it is on the Internet and needs to be disclosed.

Take advantage of your network of contacts to promote the blog; After all, although not all of them are suitable for you, they can be influencers. With that, you can expand the capacity of your content and impact whom you really want to impact.

9. Create new business possibilities

Even if you intend to monetize your blog through ads, creating your own solution can bring even better results. You can take advantage of the channel’s audience to promote an info-product, for example.

The blog is an excellent space to benefit from the sale of products. Look for insights on what can be marketed on your channel, and make it related to the content produced.

That way, people will be educated within the site and can buy at any time. Indeed, consumers would instead become customers of a brand that has a relationship with them than with a foreign company.

Therefore, it creates a favourable environment within the blog and, above all, strategic. Provide a positive experience and offer various means for visitors to become loyal customers.

10. Promote your blog on social media

Using social networks to promote your blog is also very useful. Those channels are full of people looking for the most varied data. To reach them, be practical and offer content that solves the person’s problems.

That way, it is possible to capture the interest of the potential customer. After all, those networks are just “rented houses” for Content Marketing. The “fixed home” of a brand is its blog.

Therefore, spread the contents in a balanced way and see if the traffic grows every day. Just don’t miss out on the opportunity to identify those visitors through lead generation. Only with a strong base of contacts your business can grow even more and achieve extraordinary results.


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