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Meet She Inspired Her, a Platform Dedicated to Women in the UK

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She Inspired Her is a popular online community platform, dedicated to providing weekly life and career opportunities, free to women and youth in the UK. The online platform provides weekly job opportunities, careers advice, free courses, advice articles, interviews with inspiring women about their journeys, and more!

Access to She Inspired Her is free. Women, young adults, and youth can tap into and access some great new opportunities, many on the very first day of release, and have first-hand access to apply for them each week via the online platform at: or through being on the free opportunities mailing listShe Inspired Her Logo

A safe space for women, both as a physical space and an online hub, She Inspired Her CIC has been created for the purpose of training, motivating, and providing career opportunities, learning resources, arts-related activities, and wellness support for women, young adults and youth, through interviews, events, music, arts, wellness, and education.

With women and diversity at the heart of the She Inspired Her CIC mission, they provide a strong base for women and youth at all levels and from diverse backgrounds, the opportunity to grow in their confidence, expand their knowledge and awareness, and bring out their best potential.
Empowerment, skills development, confidence building, and creative freedom are all additional elements high on the agenda at She Inspired Her. She Inspired Her Image -

Founder Crystal Emmanuel aka Artist ‘Crystxl King’ is a serial entrepreneur and music artist who says that she has always believed in the idea that “Each one can teach one” explaining further to this “my hope is that while I am here, I can pass on my own knowledge, experience, skills, and talents in business and music to people of all ages, especially young women who may look up to me, whilst also providing a platform for other teachers to come on board any platforms that I create and reach a wide audience of women and youth, to share what they have with them too and hopefully change lives and pathways in the process” Crystal Emmanuel - Crystxl King - She Inspired Her

She Inspired Her are especially passionate about their reach hitting individuals in areas within diverse communities and boroughs of London that have a high level of unemployment, poverty, and/or underachievers, where attention, opportunity, and additional support are necessary to enable the community, to still be able to thrive within their current environments, with a strong focus on the black and BAME community.

She Inspired Her CIC is here to aid you in the discovery of your full potential and inner greatness, with many free resources and opportunities available on the online platform each week.

Get opportunities and updates direct to your inbox when they are released by signing up free to the She Inspired Her mailing list today! You may just have exactly the opportunity that you are looking for land in your mailbox tomorrow! Sign up free here.


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