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Money Making Stories & Lessons For Creatives: Food Blogger & Crafter, Rafiat Shittu

Food blogger and recipe developers! This one is for you. A couple of weeks ago, in order to better understand the needs of everyone in our community we sent out a survey/form for people to pinpoint areas they need help with – so we could tailor content, training, and resources towards those areas of needs. When the results of the survey came in, we found out that almost everyone had a Money need – whether it was making money, keeping money coming, getting clients/opportunities or managing their money/finances.
So many creative women are in that state where they can’t seem to figure out how to start making money, or manage money. As a community of creative and courageous women, building one another up through training, stories, mentorship, opportunities and much more, we asked people who are figuring it out/who have figured it out to share their money making stories with our amazing tribe of women and creatives.

So this season we are asking creative women to share their Money Making stories and lessons so that we can learn from one another.
How did you start making money? How did you get your first freelance gig? What lessons have you learned about making money and keeping it coming? What mistakes do you see people making that you’d like to point out?
Encourage a sister by sharing your experience!
And yes, every money making story/lesson or struggle is needed, regardless of your current career stage- because we know that it all counts!

Today, our Nigerian sister, Rafiat Shittu, food blogger, and crafter, shares her story with the community: Rafiat Shittu Food Blogger - Money Making Lessons Creatives

My name is Rafiat Shittu, a 300 level law student. I am a food blogger, I love everything about food, so I write about it. My favorite things to do are; watch movies and eat out with friends. I do outdoor catering and sell yummy treats because everyone loves treats and so do I 😆.

I would describe myself as a foodie. I attended parties when I was younger only thinking about the food they would serve in the end. Me finding my interest in food wasn’t so difficult, the only thing I had to realize was to turn my interest into something productive rather than adding weight 😅 and with the help of my brother, I did. Thus, I shared my food ideas for Sahur and Iftar during Ramadan on Instagram and that’s how I first got started as a food blogger. I then opened a blog to attach emotions through words to the food I share online. I found this absolutely fun because a lot of people made a big deal about it, so I continued.

How Rafiat started monetizing
I started monetizing my love for food in 2017, this didn’t come through my blogging, maybe someday it will, but right now it isn’t. I had an outdoor catering gig in 2017 in my school, which turned out so great. The reason I went through with the catering after my friend suggested it, was that I thought of it as an avenue to let people know that my work is more than the pictures and the words on the blog and I could actually cook yummy things.
This is my second year doing outdoor catering and it is always successful whenever I do it.

Difficulties and Challenges faced
1. Trying to be consistent – consistency can be really difficult, especially if you’re committed to something else, like your studies. I’m usually drawn between writing a blog post as a food blogger, creating a new recipe and using that time instead to cover 6 pages of my law textbook, this takes a toll on my consistency.
2. Multitasking – it can be hard to study and make money. Many do both but don’t do as well as they would doing just one. It can be hard for me to choose between studying and having an outdoor event to prepare for, but I always pick studying.
3. The need for money to make money – one needs capital to make money especially in what I do, and this can be a difficulty for me because sometimes there’s no assurance that I am definitely making my money back except my faith.
4. Stress – What I do is absolutely stressful, so a lot of help is usually needed. The right amount of help just makes everything better, but when you don’t have the right amount, it can be a difficulty.

However, support and encouragement from family and friends go a long way for me. Without their support, I probably wouldn’t have started anything in the first place. So they help me to forge on despite the challenges posed.

Income growth since the first paying gig
My income has definitely grown since I began and I am sure I would make more if I am ready to commit more effort. Earning money can be easy for those who do it right. Doing it right entails, being sincere in what you offer, being joyous about delivering your services, asking for feedback so you’ll work on the negative feedback and make them positive, that would enable you to make more money. Be a happy money maker, people come back for more, When they see a seller or producer happy.

Money management advice to our fellow sisters on how to use money wisely.
Buy only necessities
Buy materials in bulk, if not perishable
SAVE! This is the most important money management advise anyone can be given.

We’d love for you to share lessons and tips that you’ve learnt about money making with our community of creative women. Please reach out to us here to start sharing.


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