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Muna Ally’s Photographic Study & Capture Of Cultures

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Muna Ally is a multidisciplinary creative with professional skills in both photography and design. She is the Founder of non-profit, The Kanga Project.

Muna is a graduate in Surface Design from University of the Arts London and a self-taught,  creative image-maker. She documents moments of real authenticity and her great love for connecting with people, experiencing life and expressing cultural tangents shines through her visual imagery.

For Muna Ally, photography is a way of preserving and celebrating all that she comes across. She is forever intrigued by culture and the differences that make us all so perfectly unique. Whether it’s engaging in colourful wedding festivities or roaming the streets of an unknown city’s visual imagery, she believes in embracing life to its fullest. In my spare time Muna enjoys drawing, designing and writing lists of things she’d do if time was infinite! She seeks inspiration everywhere.  Her ultimate chill time is spent with a cup of tea,  in fluffy robe,   indulging in good conversation with loved ones.


Whilst on location with @al_ansarifoundation, we went to a remote village in Zanzibar to officially open a new water well. This beautiful Mama was there and allowed me to photograph her after the ceremony. She exudes an incredible light of confidence and an absolute assurance of her motherhood as she cradles her baby preparing to feed her. She's wearing Kanga with an Arabian inspired print which radiates her character even more! The size of the Kanga allows her to cover her baby doubling up its use as a nursing screen! (all you Mama's out there take note!) I just love the energy of this photograph and it really reminds me of how far a modest piece of fabric can go! Donate £2 towards the Kanga Project to gift a mother a Kanga pair in Zanzibar! Link is in my bio. Follow the journey @thekangaproject #kangamovement #thekangaproject

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You can find Muna and her work on her website and on Twitter/Instagram.




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