Open Arts Manuscript Publishing Deal 2024

Open Arts Manuscript Publishing Deal

Open Arts invites women writers from Northern Nigeria to submit their fiction or nonfiction manuscripts in English or Hausa for a publishing deal.

Project Overview:

Selected women writers from Northern Nigeria will be paid a token for their manuscripts, benefit from intensive workshops, mentorship programmes, networking opportunities, and literary events, and will have their books published in either English or Hausa to a global audience.

Key Components:

1. Writing Workshop:

Engage in an intensive workshop to refine writing skills and explore diverse storytelling techniques.

2. Training Sessions:

Access creative writing training tailored to enhance writing capabilities in the literary field, including editing, storytelling, and manuscript preparation.

3. Mentorship Programmes:

Receive guidance and support from experienced mentors, who will provide insights, feedback, and advice throughout the creative journey.

4. Networking Opportunities:

Connect with fellow writers, industry professionals, and literary enthusiasts through organised networking events, fostering a collaborative and supportive community.

5. Literary Reading Events:

Showcase writings at literary reading events, promoting a platform for dialogue and appreciation of diverse narratives.

6. Translation Support:

The potential of selected works reaching a broader audience through translation services, breaking down language barriers.

7. Publication of Books:

Selected manuscripts will be published as long-form books, providing a platform for the voices to be read globally.

Who We Are

Open Arts is an arts collective committed to promoting the arts and creative endeavours. Open Arts as a creative organisation touches the expression of passion in the creative arts as part of its mission of making a positive difference in the lives of people in the community through work of arts. We prioritize works of art and stories from people (women, young people in villages and communities) whose voices have been excluded from the universal conversation. Using arts and culture as narratives to influence and shape the reality of life in Northern Nigeria

Submission Guidelines

Submit a completed manuscript of either fiction or nonfiction in English or Hausa of about 60,000 and not more than 120,000 words long, along with a brief biography.

Send your submissions to biba@openartsworld.org with the subject line: 

“2024 – Manuscript”

Submission Deadline: May 31, 2024

Join us in shaping a literary landscape that empowers women, transcends boundaries, and celebrates the rich cultural tapestry of Northern Nigeria.

This initiative is with the support of the Ford Foundation.

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