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Unwrapping the Years: Our Impact So Far!

By December 28, 2019 No Comments

From our first meetup in Harare to our very last meetup in Paris, 2019 has been our year of light and everything nice- literally!

This year, we are thankful that you let us share all our amazing moments and time with you!

From Cities, mentorships, amazing opportunities, great content, all the fav women we stanned, our fab women’s month event, our first career lab, and many more, we’re excited to be closing the curtain for 2019 on a high note!💃🥳

We can’t wait to unveil all the new and exciting projects we have for you in 2020, and we hope you’re as excited as we are!

Whether it’s the beginning of an era or the end of a decade, catch up on all the great stuff we’ve done in the last couple of years!

Here’s an infographic of the impact we’ve made in the last 3+ year so far: For Creative Girls Impact Infographic

For Creative Girls Impact Infographic
Thank you for making us a part of your year- and for being an essential part of ours too! Here’s to your creative work going viral, more dollars in your account, massive deals, wiunnns, great mentorships, stress-free jobs, cover-pages, travels-around-the-world, meet-ups, love, laughter, and parte after parte in the coming year. *Pops 🍾*

As we wrap up the year, be grateful for your wins and failures, and brace up for the next decade.
Dust yourself for the remaining days of this year, and prepare yourself to be a much better you in 2020!

We have a challenge for you this coming year:
Picture your biggest self by the end of the coming decade, and start working towards it- intentionally.

We always gat you sistahs! Never forget you’re our 001!

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