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Improve Your Performance by Improving Your Work Environment | Stella Van Lane

No matter how good the pay and company benefits are, workers who are unhappy with their work environment will almost always be less productive than those who work in an office that promotes motivation, well-being, and good relationships. So, if you notice yourself or your workers slacking, it’s time for a little makeover. Here’s where to start.

Employ colors Improve Your Performance by Improving Your Work Environment - Employ Colorsphoto credit: unsplash.com
If you have a home office, you’re very lucky because you can coordinate colors according to your preference. But before you paint your whole office your favorite shade of red, make sure to check out the psychology of colors first. Tasks that require mental strain are best conducted in blue environments that boost productivity. However, designers and writers who need to stay inspired and creative the whole day might benefit from yellows and oranges the most!

Improve lightingImprove Your Performance by Improving Your Work Environment - Lightingphoto credit: pixabay.com
Even though good lighting plays a crucial role in workplace satisfaction and work performance, not many people think twice before putting up a simple lamp and some overhead lighting and calling it a day. However, the biggest issue is the sunlight that is very scarce in traditional offices. As a matter of fact, around 50% of all workspaces get very little to zero natural light during the day! So, make sure to position your desk in front of a window, remove tall shelves that block the light and open those shades. If it’s not possible to get more sunlight into your workspace, you can invest in blue-enriched light bulbs that can help battle fatigue and improve mood. This lighting is most needed in brainstorming rooms and offices that require high levels of concentration. Warmer lighting can be used in break rooms and communal spaces.

Invest in good furniture Improve Your Performance by Improving Your Work Environment - Furniturephoto credit: pixabay.com
Workers who think their office furniture is “bad” also tend to describe their work environment as depressing and unproductive. So, make sure to fill up your home office or your workspace with some comfy and attractive furniture and a few extra amenities and additions. A simple bean bag can give your breaks an informal tone and even give you space for a short power nap!

Add a coffee machine Improve Your Performance by Improving Your Work Environment - Coffeephoto credit: pexels.com
The first thing many people do when they get to the office or before they start work is going for a coffee. It gives them a much-needed boost, warms them up and just makes work a bit easier. So, if you want to give yourself or your workers an extra nudge, invest in a quality Nespresso machine that will greet you with a fresh and tasty cup of coffee anytime you crave it. There are many capsule types, foam or no-foam options and many other settings that will ensure even the pickiest coffee lover is satisfied. And with a cup like that in hand, your employees and you will work like never before!

Remove clutter Improve Your Performance by Improving Your Work Environment - Remove Clutterphoto credit: pixabay.com
Some people work best surrounded by a creative mess, but it can seriously decrease productivity and boost stress in most workers. So, make sure to add plenty of shelves, drawers and other storage spaces that will help you keep your workspace tidy and clutter-free. Canadian built office cabinets will provide all the storage space you need while adding to the office space decor.
However, keep your most-used items within arm’s reach to avoid getting up or rummaging through drawers every time you need a ruler or a stapler. Additionally, make sure your virtual workspace is also organized and decluttered. Label your folders, clean up your inbox regularly and neatly archive your old files.

Organize group activities Improve Your Performance by Improving Your Work Environment - Groupphoto credit: unsplash.com
If you want to improve workplace satisfaction, paying attention only to design isn’t enough. Maintaining a good relationship with coworkers can also add to the happiness at work and better productivity. Team-building exercises and activities certainly create awareness among workers that with it brings ease, appreciation, and comfort. Company lunches or communal snack times is another way to start seeing your peers in a different light. All of this will motivate people to be productive and will definitely make it a little easier to get up in the morning and start work!
Adding some happiness, beauty, and well-being to your office will get you, your employees and your business very far! So, don’t hesitate to invest in good furniture and quality coffee and support friendly relationships.

Stella van Lane is a Sydney based mom and a passionate writer in love with coffee, chocolate, music, books and good vibes. Her top interests are health, yoga, meditation and interior design.
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