Peter Drucker Essay Challenge 2023

In your essay entry for this year’s Drucker Challenge, we want to hear how your peers, colleagues, or leadership responded when the going got tough, and how you think they – and we – could build a greater capability not only to face future setbacks but to come out stronger.

Whether a team or an organization you are part of was permanently damaged by the disruption, or only bruised – or took the challenge in stride and learned from it – isn’t just a matter of how big a challenge it faced. It has to do with its level of resilience. Hence the theme;


You might also share your personal story if you feel it would inspire others.

Is there an organization you’ve seen displaying an inspiring level of resilience? If so, tell us what you think were the keys to it, and what that example could teach the rest of us. For instance, does it point to skills or processes we could put in place, individually and collectively, that would better prepare us to navigate future storms?

You might want to take your essay into wider territory. For example: Can you perceive a generational or cultural difference in abilities to “bounce back”? Is the rising generation of managers and leaders more or less resilient than other cohorts, and if so, why? Does greater power to recover from calamity come with experience and perspective? Can it be learned from lectures and books? Finally: How important is it to improve organizational and individual resilience? Taking the long view, is this really a time of greater change than in the past, and – among all the superpowers you might choose to develop – does resilience have the highest priority?

General requirements

  • You must be 18-35 years old (inclusive of both ages).
  • You must have been selected no more than once (or not at all) among the top 10 since 2010. However, you can participate in the 2022 Contest (if still meeting the age criteria of 18 – 35 years inclusive).> if you were previously a student (as per your application form) and are now embarking on a career at a university;

    > if you were previously a student (according to your application form) and meanwhile moved on to become a manager or entrepreneur

Essay category requirements
You can submit one essay to participate as either a student or manager or entrepreneur (please mention your main occupation in the submission form)

Student category

  • You are a part-time or full-time student (bachelor, master, MBA, or PhD) or you are seeking your first opportunity after the completion of your last degree

Professional category

You are a

  • manager of people, projects, budgets, and/or processes
  • an entrepreneur or business owner
  • licensed professional
  • social volunteer or community leader

Keep to the essay format for submission

Words 1500 to 3000 (excluding footnotes and any graphics) as PDF or word document
Font size 12 points
Language English

Deadline : May 31, 2023 at 16:00 CET (4:00 PM CET)


Your name must not be included anywhere in the essay


Entries must be produced exclusively by you (no group work) for the specific purpose of this competition, and must not have been published elsewhere


The essay must be written entirely and exclusively by the participant. The essay must not be written with assistance from tools like Chat-GPT or similar software. Entries submitted thus will be disqualified and their authors will not be allowed to participate in the contest again.

What You Get

  • A cash prize of 2.000 EUR


  • Complimentary in-person pass for the 15th Global Peter Drucker Forum, to be held in Vienna, Austria on November 30 & December 1, 2023
  • Invitation to attend the Gala event with Awards ceremony and to participate in a cultural program
  • Opportunity to win the Special Recognition Award for the most original essay
  • Certificate with ranking
  • Invitation to join the Drucker Challenge Alumni Community on social media networks
  • One-year-all-access subscription to the Harvard Business Review
  • Publication: Ranking list, link to your essay, your photo and bio on www.druckerchallenge.org. Your essay may be re-published by your university/company with credits given to Peter Drucker Society Europe
  • Funding of travel expenses: Your international travel and accommodation costs for attending the Forum will be reimbursed based on our travel process & policy. Please read the policy terms carefully to avoid travel contingencies.

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